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  1. Hydra, Made any new teams since .... thursday?
  2. oh. no its okay, just need to think of a replacement for shamin sky and rotom heat then -.- for 6 team competative play,
  3. that would be cool, didnt know it wasnt permanent, rather annoying, so cant wifi use him at night lol?
  4. can anyone upload me a .pkm file for this, because im having troubles downloadin it from site then changin form, it changes back ...any info help etc will be greatly appreciated.
  5. 3180 2343 0179 ---------- Post added at 09:58 PM ---------- Previous post was at 09:55 PM ---------- mattyd_12@hotmail.com if its easier:P
  6. would you be able to also, aswell as the stats you have correctly posted, be able to write a short description on what the pokemons main roll etc is, just to fill us in etc, eg your strategie etc, thanks pal
  7. GMT eg Uk Time, im on now.. till like... later 3180 2343 0179 names matt btw, im new to wifi battling, been on shoddy a bit. but not for a while, im using platinum
  8. me too, from tomorrow ill probs be battlin, masterrei@gmail.com or message me on here to arrange somethin
  9. i use r4, easier way is to open ur game .sav file with pokesav and just edit it n click save..
  10. Thank you very much, i appreciate it greatly.
  11. i had diamond propper version, but i also have a r4 card, just i have currently misplaced my pokemon diamond, and wondered if anybody had a .sav file. that has a few badges if not all. ill change all id's and name etc, just dont want to use cheats to get all badges but also dont want to have to start again specially when im working on platinum also at moment. thanks in advanced, if nobody has then its not a big issue, also, if anyone needs pokemon making etc i can upload them. but i wont make an illegal pokemon, eg 999 all stats etc.
  12. 1.Scizor 2.Nidoking 3.Lucario 4.Salamence 5.Aipom
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