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  1. Thank you for the answer,I was unsure about that but now there's not doubt they're saved inside the save! Yeah it's them for sure because they are called exactly as in the in-game ruleset selection screen when opening the game I'll try to use them when dumping the save. Can these blocks be used in another save taking them from the target sorgent?Or are blocked where they're located?I'm not familiar with this function of the program and so I was thinking how "copy and paste"them
  2. Ok as I though this content is not stored directly in the save but is an external source taken from the switch directory. Iirr before I was wrong bc basically if one of the two players has a ruleset the other guy hasn't stored they can play anyway if the other player decide the ruleset for both. Last but not less important thing : if there's a chance to export them and then place through the use of blocks with pkhex,do we know where these files could be placed in the storage?Meanwhile I'll try to explore my sdcard checking for some familiar files trying to recognize the correct directory
  3. As the title say,I was curious on trying to use downloadable content(in this case battle ruleset GF release sometimes for some online events) My question was if that's possible to do with an emulator with a copy of the game and adding these file in some way to be able to use them in local communications I know it's an unusual request,bc we're not talking about wcs or .pk8 but I was interested if currently there's a way to take these files and import them with pkhex changing some settings *This could be useful also when talking about an hacked switch without internet access(to avoid ban or something else)and a vanilla switch so they communicate each other
  4. Thank you.I don't know if this is exactly the same if I transported the guide on my case.I think to try an emulator to use x86 architecture and not arm which seem the less usefull for this work. Shall I see the newest between the two guides or are them different?
  5. I seen this app time ago on playstore but it is outdated and can't work on 9.5 firmwares and above. I would like to load the official pkhex.exe from wine and use it on my smartphone This is an old thread about use pkhex on linux using wine: I don't know if from android I've the same potential,but now wine is improved and so maybe is compatible also here
  6. Don't know if this is the right section,if not please place in the most suitable space. I would know if was possible load pkhex on Wine and if yes how do that.I seen an old page always on projectpkmn about this point and was possible,but I would like to test on android system. Today I tried to run it on my tablet but everytime I did it an error occured. Any advice?dotnet to install and so on
  7. I tried to disable signature verification and changing sign with lucky patcher but the pure apk isn't installable anyway. You mean backup app data comprises also authentication certificate?
  8. The title was this because at the moment I've a mod of the shuffle app and I was asking how save my progress because is not easy to update a game like this not from playstore. Anyway thank you and don't worry about the backup question because I should find it somewhere in another forum I only wanted to know if a backup of a server based game can help you if you restore it after an ipotetical ban.Have you any advice about in general?
  9. It is a served based game so it always requires internet connection instead 3ds version can also be played offline Any soluctions? above all the second point
  10. I don't know if this is the right section but seem to me the most appropriate. Pratically I would have a question because I'm not sure about the implications: But if I uninstall my actual game(losing my save game), doing a backup of app data files before,then could I install again the game and play my save?I don't know if that is exactly as do a transfer key And if I'll be banned can my backup save me?I don't believe because this is a server based game
  11. Is safe to uninstall the app and then reinstall it placing the transfer ID and client number?Also for not rooted phone? No data lost?
  12. I simply taken my exdata folder of Moon from JK folder on my 3ds root and placed it on Pkhex and all work good. Thank you for your support
  13. I'll say you soon Thank you very much for your disponibility BlackShark
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