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  1. Kaphotics has to update? Try to write better next time... He updates because he wants, not because he has to. Anyway, I want to say I am really disappointed with the stupid datel guys. I know it is a bit off topic, but not everyone can spend so many bucks... Now you need another retail cartridge, the cyber gadget save editor, and if you are unlucky and get a resetted cartridge even a jap 3ds... It would be very easy if the stupid datel guys just give the option to resign sav backups edited with pkhex... For me and for a lot of people it is too expensive and something we can't do. I hope someone in datel use their brain or a new solution appears...
  2. That's not what I am talking about! I now you can do pokemon that passes gts checks, Vs recorder checks, pokemon battle revolution checks,... but what I mean, is that they say that there maybe are some secret checks we don't even know they exist, so there is the possibility than you do a perfect pokemon that passes all the online checks but when you take it to a official tournament, they realize that pokemon are modified by checking some values we still haven't found. That's my question, sorry for my bad english. Thanks in advance.
  3. Well, I've been talking about this in a spanish forum. They say that the only secure way is RNG. They say that we know a lot about the values that nintendo check, but that it is possible that we don't know everything. It's that true? It is possible that there are some values we still don't know? The other question is... ¿Why Pokegens thread is closed? ¿Has the project finished? ¿When will be a functional PID Finder for V generation? Thanks in advance.
  4. Mate, close TeamViewer, utorrent, or a program which uses port 80...
  5. That's the DNS_Server.exe I use! Anyway, it can't be accesed through the external ip
  6. It throws me 404 File not found error from my ip and Error 500 Internal Server Error from proxy...
  7. But I want to use it to test if public events works... It seems it does not, so here there are screens from my router config. I thought the best way to solve it is to show you like if you were in my computer, so please take a look.
  8. Hello everyone. I know the question I'm going to make you is going to be boring, but I've tried every single way to repair it and I don't know how to solve it. I went to portforwarding.com; http://www.pcwintech.com/ to use Simple Port Forwarding and the Port Tests tell me They are open 80 and 53 in TCP/UDP. Anyway when I set my DS connection to my public IP... ¡It throws me 52100 error! Ports are opened and forwarded I think, and my firewall is disabled... Looking for internet it says maybe my ISP has made a connection throw another router and now with two routers port forwarding does not rule. If it is like that, how can I solve it? I just don't know what's the next step... Thanks in advance
  9. Hala, reportado. A la puta calle. Ojala te sigan pegando tus amigos en el colegio, porque no eres mas que un puto noob sudaca. Luego nos dicen racistas pero es que no sabeis mas que venir a hacer el subnormal... Sergititob... de veras te merece la pena seguir el proyecto con gente tan desagradecida? Yo lo portaría a ESPALTEAM que es una comunidad donde no entran lammers... PD: Pokemonyru se refiere a la traducción de http://www.pokemon-project.com Yo echaria un vistazo a ver si te han robado algo PD2: ¡Dejad de dar el coñazo con el tema de los cheats! Para cheats, http://cheats.gbatemp.net No lo considero SPAM ya que ellos han anunciado vuestro proyecto poniendo el enlace al tema oficial y no la descarga, asi que es justo que ponga su link y asi quitarnos a varios n00bs del camino. Y con esto y un bizcocho, hasta mañana a las 8.
  10. Contad conmigo. Mi msn es: antoniojusticiaruiz@hotmail.com. Tengo buen nivel de ingles, asi que no sera problema entender y traducirlo. Saludetes!
  11. As I said before, tell me how and I would translate every single version of PokéGen to Spanish =D. I have a level good enough to do this job, and I think that's the only way I have to contribute so, just PM me =)
  12. When is going PPSEDS to be updated? I'm not a lammer, I would translate it to spanish if chase san tell me how could I do it, so I want also to help in the way I can but... PPSE would be updated? I don't think so... It seems that this project have been left...
  13. Please... put PKM extraction again... Some of you told the creator to delete this function... but why? That's such a stupid idea... What bad things you can do with that? Steal pokemon sets from other persons? OMG... that have no sense... It is well-known to competitive battlers that every single set you can see have been developed from smogon or it's a little modification from a smogon set... so, If you have a pokemon and make the first move, I'll be sure what's the set you are using =) So... why I want the pkm extraction function? Just for curiosity. I want to get the pokemon of the leaders of the battle frontier and see who's the trainer, the trainer OT, if they put EV's... if I can, I would be nearer to see if they are currently using sets from smogon or they have their own sets.. This can sound such a stupid idea but... Just i like it. It would be nice also to learn strategy. If somebody steals my team (that as I've said, it does not matter cause it has been done with somogon sets) he would see what strategy I were using and he is going to be able to learn more... Anyway the coder is who decides what he wants to use, but I thing that it is more dangerous the knife you have in your kitchen that the banned pkm extraction... Thanks in advance
  14. I just want to make a question.... There are too much methods for finding a PID... ¿But which should I use in every situation? There is no explanation and be sure I was looking for some information and I've found nothing, so... I also would translate PokeGen to Spanish if you tell me how. Thanks in advance.
  15. http://events.projectpokemon.org/ I found this web. It looks pretty nice and I think it is where the events are going to be. What do have the staff to say? Would it be the place where events are going to be? And when? It looks more cool than the current section of events
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