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  1. eh, The current language for HGSS pokesav is only in japanese. Using Applocale, you'll be able to see the japanese characters. If it really bothers you too much, Save the pokemon, Load it in any other english pokesav, Do what you want, sav the pokemon again, That load it back into the HGSS pokesav.
  2. HEY! I need help in replacing HGSS in-battle hp status bar with Platinum's! Reasons: Personally I believe it is cooler. Takes up "lesser space" I prefer black to silver (silver makes it feel plain, to me) I like the protruding arrow Etc If no one wants to help me make a patch, Perhaps teach me how to do so?? Thanks!
  3. I'm sorry about asking in the wrong thread, Or that my opinion is wrong, But can it be done?
  4. green ball, red ball and blue ball are we know as Green orb, red orb and blue orb, required for Ray, Grou and Kyo events in HGSS. What im interested in is Rock capsule, crystal puzzle, Date cards, Gb player, sea bell, and いかりまんじゅう (according to my weak direct translation, some kind of door pass, i dunno.) Photo album --> photos la lol. Rock capsule --> what purpose? Crystal puzzle --> same question Date cards --> What is this for GB player --> playing old GB music Seaa bell --> IS IT FOR A NEW EVENT!!! いかりまんじゅう -->?? How do we get the above items anyway?
  5. Well maybe not edit maps, But at least trainers and some stuff. Imagine you make yourself start at pallet, But forget to have prof oak stop you from going into the grass, And can only have a kanto starter when u get the nat dex? You'll be wondering around kanto with no starter! Maybe Roland can pick this up after PPP by him was WAY to fun, Except having all 493 pokemon available was abit overkill to me
  6. In relation to pokemon HGSS, rom editing, and patchs, Is it possible that someone please Change the HGSS in-battle hp status bar to the platinum one, and than release a patch for it? Cause I feel that the platinum one looks cooler
  7. Related to pokemon HGSS, Is it possible that someone to please Change the HGSS in-battle hp status bar to the platinum one? Cause I feel that the platinum looks cooler
  8. Gizamimi Pichu can be shiny. http://projectpokemon.org/forums/showpost.php?p=51129&postcount=938
  9. Correct me if I'm wrong, During Diamond and Pearl, The sav file is compatible with the counterpart (Means you can save it in Diamond and play the same save on Pearl and Vice Versa) EDIT: I tested out, my Diamond sav was playable by Pearl But when I tried to do this (I saved in HeartGold, attempted to open in SoulSilver) It didn't work D: (The continue screen loaded, and even showed me my play status, But when continued, it just hangs at a black screen, And it isn't caused by the nintendo anti piracy thing, because no matter how I tried, it failed) Does this issue only happens to me, And what is the reason that it most likely happens? (basically this will conclude whether is it the problem with sav compatibilities or is it my problem alone)
  10. hey this is a small issue, dont know if its fixed, But its Bill's pc (not bebe) and is Oak i think (not rowan, the message when u try using key items when u cant) cheers!
  11. How about something less taxing, Just start from Kanto, and some things made easier!
  12. THIS IS A SUGGESTION; I suggest using HGSS, To make a rom edit, Which the main character is RED, and you progress from Kanto to Johto! Also, gym rosters and levels has to be adjusted to the playing style of the game (From low level regions to high level regions). Storyline should also be modded! So who is willing to take up the challenge to bring us a fun game!!!
  13. so will shiny 10 annivs be provided, cause i dont mind having them
  14. I don't know if this is in the correct place, But I thought that it would be cool to create a program (to be worked on pc) Which promotes trading between two game (and game saves of course) This is because using PPSE or Pokesav to shift an event pokemon from one sav to another isn't enough as because if it ain't done by trading, the event flag won't be triggered (such as directly moving the Eigakan Arceus won't trigger Hiker event in platinum; Another example is TRU Regigigasu directly implanted won't trigger REGIs trio cave) Not everyone has two DS, and without the WiFi protocol behind hacked, Trading is hard (especially if it has a Classic ribbon, so can't use GTS) If such a program is too tedious and time consuming, At the very least some kind of plugin to allow trading between emulators (like give the game a false "wireless network" or something) So I'm wondering anyone who is good with programming and stuff to be kind enough to pick up this project?
  15. Is Importing from the following site safe? http://www.play-asia.com/paOS-13-71-9g-49-en-70-3guk.html
  16. Given that HGSS has a new plate, It will almost be definitely a Curse plate, We can just use it on arceus there right, no point mystery gift back Anyhow, Our current problem is we don't know what the item no. is the sprite binded to.
  17. Try opening the same save file in platinum, There stuff may still be there. It may have happened because of sav size formats? I don't get that (I'm a R4 user too )
  18. Well this was my thinking process: Since whenever we are in the pokemon center, When standing infront of the pc and pressing A, It is activating the script to open the pc. So I was thinking if you can find the code that activates the "Press A at here = Open PC" We can generate a code which is "Press L anywhere and open PC" That was my naive thinking
  19. That question has a few meanings and I don't know which one you mean, But I'll answer to all anyway: Reasoning 1 I have a rom, and I hacked/have a hacked Arceus, can it be traded to a commerical cart? Yes you can trade a hacked Arceus between roms and commercial carts, (as long as the rom itself supports trading) After all roms are backed up from commercial carts. Note that what which is mentioned above applies as long as you aren't trading a hacked Arceus with the classic ribbon across GTS, As I was told that trading pokemon with classic ribbon on GTS won't work. Reasoning 2 I have an Arceus from a Rom hack, can I trade it to commercial cart? I believe that trading is possible, But if the rom hack had abilities/items/skills not existing in the commercial cart, It may by glitchy. As following up and linking to this thread, Even if you have a Cursed Arceus from the rom hack (for example, if I'm not wrong, like Fenzo's edition where he obtained a ??? plate and made it ??? in not just sprite, but in type as well) It may have been modification of existing data (such as changing the Meadow plate to ??? plate, and changing Grass type to ??? type), When you trade over to the commerical cart, It will be in its original form which was modified to look/seem different in the Rom hack. Those are the two reasonings that I can remember right now I hoped that I have been of help
  20. REQUESTING CODE: "Press L to access PC (outside battle)" code or/and "Able to use items in battle frontier/factory battles" code (which is compatible with "Catch Trainers Pokemon" code) REASON: May give us a chance to deposit/catch battle fractory pokemon
  21. anyway HEY EVERYONE! Hows the development with the PPSE! I'm sure everyone is anticipating the next release of this awesome program! Anyway just a random random question, After HGSS releases, how long do you think it will take before it is compatible to HGSS?
  22. 4 legs evolved to 2 hands and 2 hind legs. talk abt legs, look at the geodude line: 2 hands -> 4 hands, 2 legs -> 2 hands, 2 legs. like what the... And luvdisc is totally ridiculous
  23. I would want Ditto! Ironically speaking (and sick) it can transform into any hot babe Its like EYE CANDY! IMAGINE SHINY DITTO, what will the babe look like? LOL With latios and latias, who needs jet planes? Why swim or take boats when you can dive or surf! But I won't want a magnemite or anything magnetic; Destroy my important electronics T.T
  24. I like the idea of trading, But I'm guessing they may add more freatures, Like minigames that existed in RSE or FRLG but you need it in slot 2 to activate, And other stuff, Cause if its just dongle and pal park, It gets old quick, and I don't really see the point for them to mention it. At least like what you said, They may add something to set HGSS apart from DPt. Personally, I believe they will add something new while copy the old stuff over. So with Underground gone, what will happen to replace that? I mean, they are always good at replacing stuff, such as: Trading was limited to link cable - WiFi trading around the world With DSi, slot 2 migration becomes less common - Almost every pokemon can be found in Gen 4 Legendary beasts cannot be found in RS (first releases of gen 3) - Then FRLG and now HGSS Those without Col/XD cannot get Gen 2 starters - Solution in Emerald and now HGSS Deoxys Form exclusive to Cart (troublesome for strategy) - DPt comets No loamy berry ground - berry planter No non-event then Lugia in RSE/FRLG - Pokemon Apricorns not compatible with DPt - Apricorn Case No headbutting, must have special tree - Honey Tree Headbutt Trees not possible in DPt (and not in gen 3) - headbutt returns to ANY TREE Dragon Trio orbs not exactly tradable (at least for Griseous orb) - Arceus Event in HGSS Like yellow version, with pkmn tailing behind, must stop a pikachu family from evolving - Gizamimi Pichu So what happens to Sinnoh underground, honey trees, Rotom formes or Diving and other stuff which I haven't mentioned? Will there finally be a new Sandstorm Castform, What interesting additions and stuff will they include?
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