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  1. what about pokemon mods? plus given that I think pokegear is in the programming (remnants of it), how about activating it? anyway this is a cool list
  2. Code for poketch? Cause I believe its programmed in, and hence, I was thinking lets say a code like hold L to pop up the normal bottom screen, and hold R to pop up poketch. or somethjing.
  3. as long as an arceus isn't holding the appropriate plate, No matter whatever in-summary sprite it is, It will be Normal type (in-battle and overworld sprite).
  4. the odd thing is i talked to all the researchers in thee room, and i stiill cant enter. am i missing a step?
  5. I have all 26 unowns, yet how do I unlock the special place for ? and ! unowns? Where is it at?
  6. When you transfer the gizamimi pichu to another game, its sprite remains the same (unless u edited its data, so when saving it will be seen as a normal pichu). Basically this pichu is another forme (means using hex editor, u can see that the sprite is another value). So even if you use pokesav to force evolve SEP (spiked ear pichu) to Pikachu, There will be two results: 1. because you edited it, it will be a normal pikachu, 2. even if you changed back the sprite value to SEP (when its a pikachu), it will probably retain normal sprite, unless another spiked ear pikachu sprite forme was earlier programmed into the game back scrapped off at the end.
  7. Does Shellos have any new formes in HGSS? Its puzzling that how I got a Sinnoh West Form Shellos, Regardless of it hatching at Shinto Ruins or Lavender Town --.
  8. Small Questions! Does the female character from FrLg make an appearance? Does playing as female make Green be the ultimate trainer instead of Red? What happened to the last Johto starter? If the male/female counterpart took it, will you get to fight him/her eventually?
  9. I thought that if you go and defeat the elite four again, You get to fight red again?
  10. Oh. As long as the ??? arceus is on an clean unhacked rom, it can be traded over. (unless it requires an item which pops right off when attempting to trade, than that will be an issue)
  11. how about a patch which can recognise american gba carts, instead of japanese!
  12. According to tahaxon, Those battle status bar is actually in the rom (or at least something which looks like it, as I could never choose the correct palette), So how do I make them appear?
  13. what 5 are these? when are you trading?
  14. eh, The current language for HGSS pokesav is only in japanese. Using Applocale, you'll be able to see the japanese characters. If it really bothers you too much, Save the pokemon, Load it in any other english pokesav, Do what you want, sav the pokemon again, That load it back into the HGSS pokesav.
  15. HEY! I need help in replacing HGSS in-battle hp status bar with Platinum's! Reasons: Personally I believe it is cooler. Takes up "lesser space" I prefer black to silver (silver makes it feel plain, to me) I like the protruding arrow Etc If no one wants to help me make a patch, Perhaps teach me how to do so?? Thanks!
  16. I'm sorry about asking in the wrong thread, Or that my opinion is wrong, But can it be done?
  17. green ball, red ball and blue ball are we know as Green orb, red orb and blue orb, required for Ray, Grou and Kyo events in HGSS. What im interested in is Rock capsule, crystal puzzle, Date cards, Gb player, sea bell, and いかりまんじゅう (according to my weak direct translation, some kind of door pass, i dunno.) Photo album --> photos la lol. Rock capsule --> what purpose? Crystal puzzle --> same question Date cards --> What is this for GB player --> playing old GB music Seaa bell --> IS IT FOR A NEW EVENT!!! いかりまんじゅう -->?? How do we get the above items anyway?
  18. Well maybe not edit maps, But at least trainers and some stuff. Imagine you make yourself start at pallet, But forget to have prof oak stop you from going into the grass, And can only have a kanto starter when u get the nat dex? You'll be wondering around kanto with no starter! Maybe Roland can pick this up after PPP by him was WAY to fun, Except having all 493 pokemon available was abit overkill to me
  19. In relation to pokemon HGSS, rom editing, and patchs, Is it possible that someone please Change the HGSS in-battle hp status bar to the platinum one, and than release a patch for it? Cause I feel that the platinum one looks cooler
  20. Related to pokemon HGSS, Is it possible that someone to please Change the HGSS in-battle hp status bar to the platinum one? Cause I feel that the platinum looks cooler
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