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  1. @Riolu Any chance you have or can make a recollect starters code?
  2. If you've searched at all, youll notice that both of these codes have been posted numberous times. Just a heads up.
  3. Here is a code for the 2010 Video Game Championships Shiny Eevee that is currently being givin away if you attend one of the events. @DOOM275: Try this out for the enigma stone
  4. Well, then, have you returned the missing doll to the girl? not entirly sure when / where that was but you must do that prior to being able to recieve them. The code DOES work when youve done what is needed prior to being able to get them from Steven in the first place.
  5. If you are looking for the code to recollect Steven's pokemon (Treecko, Torchic, Mudkip) from Sliphco building, use this code:
  6. Here is the code for the completed National dex(both seen and captured):
  7. Great program mate! Found this much easier to use then Pokesav. Only problem i had was finding the location of "CLIPBOARD" on Windows Vista which so happens to be "hidden" in Microsoft Word. I just have one question reguarding a location. Say im to generate a poke that was caught in the Pokewalker IE: Pikachu, what would the other location thingy be set to? Event or just grass, water, buildings, etc? EDIT: Im having trouble downloading vs 2.225 on my Windows 7 powered laptop. The icon its showing when downloaded isnt the normal stack of books rather its a blank white page?? And i cant obviously unzip / extract anything O_o
  8. O_o havent had that happen before! dono whats up with that lol!! L> Riley's Riolu code for SS
  9. To make the shiney code work, first select it to be "on" on your AR, then just mark the desiered Pokemon when it is in your pc box and confirm the marking. Move off the selected pokemon and then click back on it and youll see that it is now shiny. To put "SPOILER TAGS", it would be like this minus the * [spoiler*]text in here [/spoiler*]
  10. The Sinnoh starters are Turtwig, Chimchar, and Piplup from Prof. Rowan. Sadly, ive already taken the long route and traded myself a few times so that i am able to start off with all 3.(required starting of a new game each time which took about 15-20mins to where you are able to trade)
  11. Yeah, im assuming it was the "recollecting" of Professor Elm's starters since I used it so late in the game. Owell! Thanks for the reply. Sylver, I have 2 differant Arceus codes you should be able use in conjunction with the marking makes shiney code:
  12. Got something wierd goin on in my game and not sure how to fix it. Apparently, one of the rebattle or recollect pokemon codes i have used (just a guess) triggered the 2 construction workers to reappear infront of the stairwell that leads to the Safari Zone. Now i've already been thorugh the safari zone and can fly directly there but it just puzzles me as to why they are back infront of the stairwell if i choose to come back through without fly. Is there a code that i can use to get them to be "gone" again?
  13. Anybody have a code like this for Prof. Rowan's Pokemon ??
  14. Got a quick question about the all TM code. Is it safe to use after i've collected the 8 HM's? Or will it still cause issues within the game?
  15. Anybody care to try this code for 1800 Rare candies (900 in slots 1 and 2) I dont have my AR with me or id have tried =(
  16. Thanks for that bit of advice. So basically, to make it look legitest, i should make them from the "Day care couple" and have the egg hatch 1-2 days after i recieved the egg. Skills / and Nature, i pull from the Platnium guide so im good there. And the PID is fairly simple!
  17. I've got a couple of questions about Pokesav generated Pokes. What are some things that i should be clicking to make the generated poke "Legit"? Lets say for instance, I want to generate a Bulbasaur and I want to have it be as if it was "Link Traded" from my Platnium game to my Soul Silver game. I obviously would use my OT ID from Platnium aswell as the SID. What are other things i should be clicking. Not so much worried about abilitys, skills, iv/ev's as i can do that part on my own. I guess what im really looking for is the HEX 85H part, hometown, and how it should be set so it looks as if though it were a starter pokemon vs an egg. EDIT: Also, what date would i use? The date that it was "Link Traded" to Soul Silver? or is there more to it?? Any and all help is GREATLY appreciated! -Mouse
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