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  1. @theSLAYERI think this should be moved to the PkHex forum.
  2. The game needs to be saved at least twice in order for pkhex to recognize it. Also GLDAAUE is just the internal cart identifier.
  3. Have you tried opening the edited save in pkhex after exporting it to check if the changes are seen by it? Did you make sure to click save in the items window?
  4. I don't think that feature existed in gen 4 or 5. Gen 3 yes (Record mixing). Gen 6 Definitely (pss).
  5. You might need to enable gen 2 tradeback moves when loading a gen 1 save
  6. I don't know of anything for LGPE or GO. Gen 1 is RBY, 2 is GSC, 3 is RSEFRLG, Gen 4 is DPPHGSS, Gen 5 is BWB2W2. LGPE is considered Gen 7.
  7. For gen 1 and 2 you can use pikasav. For gen 3 you can use a-save by kazowar. For gen 4 and 5 you can use pokegen by codr. All of which are available in the downloads section. If you want to edit more than pokemon and items I don't think their is anything public to do so except a mystery gift injector for gen 3.
  8. The term you're looking for is "recursive scan" @Kaphotics Any chance you could implement a toggle?
  9. Looks good to me. EDIT: You'll want the first 4 bytes which is the first 8 characters.
  10. That is a save state. Make sure you save ingame via the normal method (press x->save) then file->export backup memory.
  11. I think your best bet, is to take any 493 rom hack and extract p_enc_data.narc for wild encounters and insert it into a clean rom.
  12. You'll be fine. Although if you change the base stats of a mon that happens to be in your party, it's current stats won't update until it levels up iirc
  13. I think your only option on a physical copy is to use an action replay if you don't a way to extract your save.
  14. If you're editing a mon you need to set it back to a spot, otherwise you can try closing pkhex completely then reopening it and loading the just exported sav.
  15. It's technically possible, although It would probably be easier to change the basic info of a donor save near where you want to be.
  16. You must've posted while i was editing. In order for them to be legal use pokefinder.
  17. For a mon to be shiny the PID, SID and TID are run through a calculation and the result determines if the mon is shiny. if you change any of those values the mon will most likely no longer be shiny. ".PID=$shiny" makes the mon shiny (by changing the PID )based on the new TID and SID but breaks the correlation between the IV's and PID for Gen 3 and 4 mons. If you don't care about the legality of the mons (or using them online including sending them through the bank) you have no further issues to worry about.
  18. I don't believe it's possible at this point. Maybe in the future.
  19. Memories and feelings didn't exist until gen 6, so don't worry about those in earlier games.. I'm pretty sure there was a gts exploit that allowed you to clone pokemon in gen 4 games. As for the error, that's because the pid and iv's are related, but nintendo so far has shown no indication that it cares about mismatched pid-iv relationships. so again you don't need to worry.
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