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  1. What happens if you make a min that you can't get in that game, can you still change the info and prevent XP boost?
  2. I definitely want to use the mons online. What do I have to do to make them stay shiny, have my info and be legit for the gen 3-4 mons?
  3. You said if the origin is 1-2 and 5-7 but I'm creating the pokemon from scratch do you mean the gen they were created in? I'm using the download files to get a shiny living dex so they are all shiny from the start so do I only have to do the codes to make them mine (SID, OT, TID) or do I still have to do .PID=$shiny after making them mine? If so how do I calculate the PID or is there a code to do that for me
  4. Ok so when I use .TID and .SID= that will make all pokemon gen 1-6 my TID and SID. Ik how to calculate my SID but when I get my trainer ID off my trainer card in the game is that the number I type or do i have to do something to change it and get a new value? Also what do you mean I have to do the gen 3-4 pokemon manually? Do I have to go through all each pokemon and refresh their PID and since I did .PID=$shiny when I refresh their PID they will remain shiny?
  5. I don't know If any of you are gonna see this but I just used the code to get a shiny living dex for generations 1-7, ik to change SID and TID on gen 7 mons you have to use .trainerSID7 and .trainerID7 but I don't know how to change the OT and I also don't know how to change the SID, TID and OT for every pokemon generations 1-6, sorry if this is confusing One final thing, how do I make sure that these pokemon stay shiny through the process of making these pokemon locked to my trainer? I appreciate your time to answer my questions and thanks for any response
  6. Do the pokemon in this save become part of your profile? Do you have to change the ID and OT manually?
  7. I'm new to PKHeX but I just made a shiny living dex but before I apply my changes I would absolutely love to do this to all the 800+ pokemon I have now, there is only 2 things I need to do, 1. Change all the IV so I can have competitive ready pokemon. 2. Change all the pokemon to have my OT, ID and basically everything that makes it look like I got all those pokemon. Any help would be nice and thank you for your time
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