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  1. ok i got it sorted not long after posting this. problem was i didnt have a c:/savegame_manager folder in my hardrive. so there was nowhere for the files to go. the gbatemp tutorial i was using mentioned nothing of this. thanks anyway!
  2. Hi all. I have been trying to backup my Pokemon White save using savegame manager, but having problems. Hoping someone can help. I am using: Savegame manager 0.2.4 I have put the .nds and .ini files onto my SD card. Set the 'ftp_ip' to "" (pc's local ip) Set username and password to "test" and tried setting the port to "21" and "8080" Those ports are also allowed through the firewall (inbound and outbound rules) Smallftpd 1.0.3 Port set to "21" or "8080" (same as sgm) 'Use local IP' on. Login username and password set to "test" (same as sgm) Inactivity timeout set to 300. Directories physical path "c:\temp" and permissions "LRW" DSTT for NDS flashcart Mobile wifi hotspot with no encryption When i load up SGM on my DS lite (or phat) and try to backup up the .sav file, it connect to the access point fine but wont connect to the ftp server (see pic) After leaving it for so long, it will then say "FTP: ERROR: FTP server missing" I am assuming the problem is the connection between the DS and Smallftpd but cannot figure out what i am doing wrong. Any suggestions?
  3. Is there a warp code to southern island for Ruby/Sapphire? does anyone know if you can enable Southern Island more than twice? iv Caught both Lati and doesnt work anymore.
  4. I have collected a lot of cheats recently and thought i would share them. All are tested and work on either No$GBA or VisualBoyAdvance. Pokemon Cheat Sheet.xlsx
  5. Ohhhhh so they are 2 different tools? Sorry i looked back at what you said like 5 times. But id also looked the main guide on it on here which kinda misled me as it didnt go into enough detail amd the load old/new kinda threw me. So i just have to change to 32 and save? I have to admit PKHex is absolutely awesome! Kudos to those who made it! The fact i can pretty much create my own pokemon is great. Although i dont know how to make them shiny and using the database seems limited as to shinies.
  6. @theSLAYER Hi bud. i finally got around to trying to get this Spiritomb with PHKex but having a bit of trouble with step 3 (Load old/load new) Im not sure what exactly i do or what order i do it. No tutorials specifically on Event Flags/Constants on YT and the main tutorial thread for PHKex is not very clear. thanks
  7. Thats great to know. Thanks for sharing that with me!
  8. Awesome! When i get home tomorrow i will try get my save extracted and give that a try. So can you use that same program to trigger other event pokemon? Thanks.
  9. Damn. I assumed that. Im working on a way to extract DS game saves. Iv not long started doing cheats on GBA games. Do you have a cheat for spiritomb by chance?
  10. I want to catch spiritomb but dont know anyone else who plays pokemon? Is there a way to get it without talking to 32 trainers underground? Thanks. Posted a thread before i saw this. My bad.
  11. I want to catch spiritomb but dont know anyone else who plays pokemon? Is there a way to get it without talking to 32 trainers underground? Thanks.
  12. @BlackShark I was not expecting a reply that quick. First of all thank you! I will check the records corner so i know exactly what i have. Does that work for all of the gba games? Im not sure what versions of Emerald i have. Could well all be the same. I downloaded a few hoping one would work. Last night i downloaded VisualBoyAdvance and a hell of a lot of cheats are working now. so i think the problem was with no$gba. Thanks again for taking the time to help a noob out lol. If anyone wants R/S/FR/LG cheats i will happily link my excel sheet.
  13. Hi guys. I have gotten into cheats lately and have a decent list of FR/LG/R/S which work for no$gba that i can share if anyone wants. Not 100% sure what is 1.0 or 1.1. I have R/S carts with O8A and 11A label stamps. FR/LG i have roms of which have the 'presents' under game freak in the intro, which from what i have read means it is 1.0. I have moved onto Emerald and cant seem to find any working cheats. I have 2 different versions of emerald but nothing seems to work on either. So wondering if it might be the emulator? Would i have a better chance with a different one? Which is my best bet? Also, are the only cheats for masterballs and rare candy via the pokemart? Edit: I have tried all the codes in for Emerald in OP and only Anti DMA (i dont even know what this is), Shiny encounters, Walk through walls and Pokerus worked. I dont know much about these codes so not sure why only those ones are working.
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