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  1. I can’t edit the pokemon when I click them and I don’t know how to edit them, neither add the pokemon I created on their team of the desired trainer, please tell me how can I edit trainers pokemon and add new ones to them.
  2. I downloaded the newest version, spent 2 weeks editing an game and then it can’t load on my citra, I have updated drivers and these things but it just won’t load, please help me
  3. I don’t know, I want to add megas like mega manectric and mega venusaur to the gym leaders but items are disabled
  4. I don’t have the tools, not a clip and even a jig, neither
  5. Im almost ready to homebrew my switch because of the stupid prices of the dollar in my country 1$=5R$ i already did everything, it can be hacked, and all these boring things etc but when I was about to use tecra i figured out I couldn’t because I can’t rcm for some reason, please help me to rcm it
  6. I want to know so I don’t have to start at the beginning in my custom x and y rom
  7. I don’t know and I want to make x and y harder
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