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  1. is there any other way to find the SID?
  2. neveragain

    exp boost?

    How can I make pokemon w/o boosted exp on Pokegen? This question might have been asked already, but I just want a direct answer. W/e I do the pokemon I generate always act like traded pokemon. thanks.
  3. the AR codes work, but not the PokeGen codes
  4. I tried porygon-z (TIMID) with nasty plot, silk scarf. Tri Attack will have a base power of 192 if your ability is Adaptability. Dark pulse or shadow ball for the ghosts. Hyper beam will kill everything (almost). One nasty plot and you will win... Garchomp is good. Maybe use outrage and swords dance. A yache berry wil help it survive. The main problem is cresselia, which you will run into after the 5-6th run. You can nasty-plot hyper beam...it will die...but a swords dance-outrage will not kill it. The third pokemon is up to you
  5. neveragain


    uh nevermind my post. i figured it out. Sorry, I'm stupid... My Roserade had a Timid nature, not Modest.
  6. neveragain


    I have a problem w/ Slowbro. I generated one, but its defense stat is too high. At level 63 with a Bold nature (+def, -attk) and 31 IVs in def, it has a 222 def stat. BUT at the same level, my Roserade has a SpAtk-boosting nature at 31 IVs in the SpAttk, but has a LOWER SpAttk stat than Slowbro, which is not right. When I went to the Battle tower, slowbro had a 178 def stat while my roserade had a 177. But Slowbro's base defense is lower than Roserade's base SpAttk.
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