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  1. Several people have messaged me in the last year or so about the location guide, and first I'd like to say I apologize for not responding to each of you individually, the messages are only saving drafts and not sending for some reason. Second I'd like to reminds you guys that I had almost no part in the creation of the location guide. That was a fan project that we agreed should be included with the hack. And lastly, guys it's been 6-7 years now since I've made updates to this. At this point i don't even remember how to use the very specialized tools we used to do this; I love you guys and I love the support but I've moved on from this project a long time ago. If I ever get my hands on a second Switch, I plan to mod my OG one to high heaven and begin work on Sword and Shield hacks, or who knows maybe i'll end up making another Perfect Platinum by the time it happens
  2. I updated the mediafire links. For some reason they changed but my Platinum ones did not. Sorry I noticed so late If you get one from the in-game event, the other is in the wild and would be on the location list. Inaccuracies have been found in it before as you would find if you read through past comments, so it is possible that the list creator made some mistakes. I honestly never proof-checked it, as it was made quite awhile after I finished the project. It was only ever meant as a light supplementary guide anyway
  3. I'm sorry my guy, I don't check the email tied to this account anymore so I saw this 3 years later... I hope you ended up going with the GUI version and answered your questions over time. Sorry I didn't get back to you sooner Not happening. For starters, it was completed 8 years before your post, and back then we had to make compromises in our ability in some areas due to literally learning what we were doing as we were going. The creation of this mod, as well as to a lesser extent my HG&SS mods, helped figure out many of the functions that we converted from Hex into a usable script. This gen was a huge game changer for the modding scene back then because we had to learn a lot from scratch. Also I might had that the idea of Perfection is subjective. Anyway, I hope you enjoy/have enjoyed the mod despite the lack of instant fossil-based gratification
  4. Don't hold your breath lol The pokemon projects started for me because I got tired of not being able to catch all of them in one game, especially with many not being available in whatever the current gen would be. I felt this made the games incomplete since you could never get the completed pokedex. (well most can't without hacks or cheats or mods) And then there's the difficulty, which for the past several pokemon games, to that point in time, didn't exist. So I did something about it. And then they made a remake of my favorite pokemon game up to that point in time, Gold. I couldn't not play it, and again it had to have them all. I almost didn't do a Silver mod because Gold was all I, personally cared about. But then the perfectionist kicked in and I thought about the fan base and so I decided, Silver's mod had to happen too. Then they added even more Pokemon and I decided it was no longer worth it to try and figure out logical wild locations for many of the Pokemon. (especially since I am/was no longer familiar with every pokemon) So that's the story of Perfect Platinum, Perfect Heart, and Perfect Soul. They were birthed by desire, and became a necessity. If there are specific mods you would like to see in those games, start working on em yourself and see where it takes you. If you want em bad enough, you'll finish. ;-)
  5. I have no intentions of updating the game any further.
  6. LOL Yea it is. Even better, I'm the 15th member on the site.
  7. I tried removing that damn poll for years...
  8. There is an edit button. No need for double posts.
  9. It is Challenger's Edition for a reason. This will definitely provide that for you. X-D
  10. In the future please use the edit button rather than spamming messages.
  11. I answered your PM. I did not create the location guide. Please be sure to read the information provided before asking questions. I doubt it but maybe. It would depend on if there are many differences between the 2 roms or if it is just a matter of swapping text files (improbable). You could ask on the IRC chat, someone there could answer you better than I. Sorry if it's kinda quiet on there...
  12. Please us the edit button, rather than creating double and multi posts.
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