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  1. Sorry, I don't really know my GBA hacking... But I would presume to you'd have to use flags that allow for different music to play depending on where you are? E.g: When players steps in certain place, change battle music to kanto. Note, this is just a hypothesis. Also, you may want to try Pokecommunity. They're all about GBA hacking.
  2. I was wondering if there was a guide on how to do what Spiky pulled off in this Youtube video (And no, I don't mean the music hack ): [video=youtube;bZ7ZFEY6J0I] At around 0:55. HG/SS oriented instructions preferred, but surely the DPP/HGSS instructions aren't that different. Thanks in advance!
  3. Just noting that after doing extensive research and Google searches, I've found solutions to many of my questions. I feel idiotic for asking a few of them in the first place... Thanks! Just for #3, sorry if I wasn't clear enough, but what I meant was is it possible to use an item that evolves a Pokemon in the middle of a battle. Though, I believe I've thought of a better way of preforming a "mega evolution".
  4. MKDSE is the other way. Open your .obj, and save as .nsbmd.
  5. So sorry for reviving such an old thread, but was wondering if, over time, someone has found a way to do such in 4th gen game?
  6. Use the MKDSE (I think that's its name) for all your conversion needs. Also, please search the forums for an answer next time. It took me no time at all to find this: http://projectpokemon.org/forums/showthread.php?30362-How-can-I-convert-an-OBJ-to-a-nsbmd-file
  7. As in, can you manually apply textures to a model by finding the model, and clicking the texture? If so, yes, you can d that.
  8. http://i.imgur.com/hZVHlPl.png EDIT: Sorry, forgot to mention that this is Soulsilver~
  9. After doing a lot of exporting, importing, and editing, I've noticed that some map files have 2 columns: a column for Texture 1 and and column for texture 2. Non of these numbers match up to a legitimate texture though. And should I find which texture to use when there's 2 texture columns?
  10. About to look up that IDA Pro, but the same should go for HG/SS, correct??
  11. Hello again everyone! Before I begin, may I apologize for the many threads I've been creating lately. Been getting immersed in the Pokehacking universe as of late, and it's awesome. Alrigh, now that's that's out of the way... #1: Can anyone tell me if it'd be possible to create an item that changes Arceus to his ??? typing form, along with his sig move? If so, how should I go on about changing them? #3: According to PowMikelan98, there are 107 empty slots to insert Pokemon data to. Is this true, and are they possible to edit? (Was it a Google Translate error?) Again, if so, how should I go on about editing them? #4: Is there any way to create new forms for a Pokemon? If so, how? Thanks in advance everyone!
  12. Would like to see if you ever decide to try to continue the hack, and add the badge gates. (I see you mentioned that in your thread)
  13. Thought you guys would find this helpful: https://www.spriters-resource.com/ds/pokemonmysterydungeon3explorersofsky/sheet/25662/ It may be in Spanish, and slightly outdated, but it has some excellent resources. (The menace known to mankind as "Google Translate" works fairly well here to my surprise)
  14. That's amazing, thank you oh-so very much! And that route 10 in W2 looks epic, I only wonder why Nintendo left it in the game data...
  15. Hm... Just to be clear, we're speaking of the lua script zdXow, correct? I assumed that you could find the "map" for each area there, and one piece of data that I guessed to be the "map location" was different from the models for areas in SDSME. they didn't match up.
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