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  1. Use Pokemon ROM changer for VW2/BB2 and edit it manually if u have such a problem
  2. Hello, I am witnessing strange bugg, I got freeze every time I walk into Nimbasa gym, what is weird I already past this gym on other save file (I beated elite4, my pokes are on 80 levels) and now I decided to start new game with other pokemons I have tried to walk into Nimbasa gym from my old save (with 80lv pokes) and ... FREEZE. What the.. can someone tell me what I should do? how to fix that? It's pretty annoying since I can't continue my jorney now, I tried to replace ROM with original volt white 2 (because I am modifing a bit volt white 2) but it seems to not working, same freeze as in my modified ROM which didn't make any problems til now... Help please P.S. I am using Drastic DS
  3. Is there any option to overwrite the room instead of making new one after sprite edit? like in PPRE and others editors
  4. Can someone please help me eventually with my problem...?
  5. Hey, thanks for answer, Ill need some programs to do it or editor in nitroexplorer is enough for this job? please explain it in more details if u can
  6. Hello guys, I was searching for a while but I couldnt find anything about my problem. I want to replace male Tyranitar back sprite in Pokemon blaze black 2 (Only back sprite!) to sprite from Pokemon black/white or simply female Tyranitar sprite from BW2 (I want to make tyranitar mouth closed) can someone help me and tell how to do this? I have nitroexplorer program maybe it can help me with it? I will really appreciate help
  7. Hey, thanks for reply, but u see... I need explaination step by step, I don`t remember anything so if you could guide me, it would be nice. P.S. if there is tutorial how to do it please paste the link
  8. Hello guys, long time ago I was able to edit move learnset, I remember that was problematic but still possible. Can someone tell how to edit moves of pokemon? for example I want to teach Aggron move Avalanche at 50 level, what tools do I need and what to do step by step ? I want to edit moves for pokemon blaze black 2 and volt white2. I will really appreciate help
  9. Hey guys, do anybody knows how to edit TM (change move to other one) or just edit moveset learn by level up ? I want to teach Avalanche my Aggron help will be appreciated
  10. Hey guys, could u give me a site or titles of complete hacks pokemon black 2/white 2 ? I already know blaze and volt ones and I really enjoyed it. It would be cool if u guys can send me evolution editor for these hacks too so I can have fav pokemons at beginning of journey. I'll really appreciate help
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