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    The card will probably be added to PKHeX's internal database with the next update. Until then you can build your own database. Create a folder in your PKHeX directory and call it mgdb. PKHeX will check legality against the data of wondercards inside this folder.
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    If I remember correctly, some of the older event Pokemon in an earlier version of this save file had an OT that was too long for Gen2/3, or was impossible to have (specific English characters on a Japanese event) etc... And as @theSLAYER said, this save file was never intended to have all of the event Pokemon. There are some event Pokemon in here, but nowhere near all of them. There is a save file that has nearly every gen 3 event Pokemon, but I'm not sure if something similar exists for the other generations. The GitHub or PkHex mystery gift database is probably your best bet on that end.
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    Yeah, this and others we have had since 2007. We are just uploading them now to the gallery from our GitHub collection thanks to @theSLAYER
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    Oh thank you My bad for doing that i am so silly Thanks So Much
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    Unown files are found in specific Gen saves. Anyhow, I've added the ORAS Unown into Gen 6 and Gen 7 saves.
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    For which Generation? ? As far as I can tell they're in every generation. If you're referring to the .rar, well they'll in the save, so no need to double submit... For Gen 3/4 you can learn how to edit the files so that PID/IV combo matches. (those data were generated together, and we know how they're generated) Guide: Else, in Gen 7, just perform Hyper Training to max out their IVs. To Hyper Train, their Level must be 100. Then hold Shift on your Keyboard and click on the IV stat. The stat will turn green (example in image below). You cannot Hyper Train a stat that is already 31 IV. In-game, the Pokémon will look and act as though the Hyper Trained stat is 31 IV. However, when breeding, it'll pass down the standard stat. (Which doesn't matter, since it's an Unown)
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    it also should be noted that none of these pokemon will be legit/legal after transferring over
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    =OT_Name=Gridelin .OT_Name=Ash
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    Events that are only shiny is in that file, so I won't recommend doing that. Besides we already have a file that contains non-shiny living dex.
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    @juanpironi Presently not supported by PKHeX. On top of the previous page: This information below may help you: Always always ALWAYS keep an extra backup of your unedited save in a complete different location on your computer, before doing ANY modifications. :3
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    Why are you making multiple posts with the same content? Date on wonder card is based on receiving system (3DS), not the sender (server). Person could have received the file on the correct, but the 3DS' date was incorrect. It is not a problem.
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    Yup! That's essentially what I was going for, with the added bonus of trying to make the Pokemon actually viable. Plenty of other living Dex and shiny Dex save files existed at the time, but they were all either filled with illegal Pokemon, or the Pokemon were not even close to usable.
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    same thing applies for focus punch and ice shard being special moves for delibird
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    Someone should make sure we have all seeds for English then I can generate the remaining Japanese. Quicker then trial/error redemption on Japanese disc.
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    @fabio00 the ahiru saves: The event likely got cloned then subsequently archived in the save. Note: for this event, the RNG type/algorithm and trash bytes in regards to it's legitimacy checks out, and the original save was uploaded way before any of such info was properly researched, if I'm not mistaken.
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    They were leaked from Ahiru's Wonderland, someone from Japan posted them along others Gen III Japanese Events.
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    @theSLAYER nice find Fixed! https://github.com/kwsch/PKHeX/commit/a3e7c4837e8b837236c1cff8db0f12d8d17b3d51
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    omg amazing i love suicune and now shiny
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    I don't see these so here you go. 12160 Entei.pcd 12160 Raikou.pcd
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    It was PKHeX and User error. The problem was the egg data being left as ranger instead of "Link trade (Egg)". PKHeX's error leads one to believe it was PID/SID related with PID mismatch error. Attached is the legal file for any interested. Manaphy Ability: Hydration Level: 100 Shiny: Yes Modest Nature - Tail Glow - Bubble - Water Sport Nature, EV's and PID/TID/SID must remain as they are for it to remain legal and shiny. You can edit the OT name and moves as you wish. Legal Shiny Manaphy.zip
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    @Kaphotics apparently there's a different Shuckle for HG and for SS.
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