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Pokémon Mystery Dungeon Explorers of Sky: Remixed! 2.0 [Evolutions & More Quickfix]

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About This File

This is a ROM Hack of Explorers of Sky that adds an entirely new starter list, new mechanics, as well as tweaking the expressions and dialogue of the entire main story!

Hey, my name is Gala and I wanted to share a hack I created! This hack has been in the works since October of 2023, and is a very big feat of mine. The game’s plot itself is unchanged, but bits of everything else have been altered in minor or major ways. There’s a lot of stuff to cover, so I did my best to lay it all out below! If you don’t feel like reading a wall of text, that’s okay! Download it for yourself and enjoy! (This hack was made using the US version of Explorers of Sky!)

UPDATE: As of 2.0.X, I have gone on hiatus. I wish to dive back into other passions of mine for the time being. However, this project will return someday! Join the Discord to keep up to date on the latest news regarding EoS: Remixed! You can also check out my YouTube!

  • All the starters have been almost entirely replaced, and many of them have new typings and/or move pools. I recommend checking them all out to find which team comp works best for you!

  • I have added pretty much every SkyTemple community patch, which includes things such as Complete Team Control, Fairy Type, Choosing your Starter, and many more! It all comes together to make the experience fresh and exciting!

  • I've also provided the necessary applications to apply this patch, all you've gotta do is provide your own untampered ROM of Explorers of Sky. 

  • I used assets provided by many people through places such as the PMD Sprite Repository, so check it out to give the artists some love!

  • As a reminder, this hack alters aspects of the game’s story. Some characters look different with new names or are different in their entirety. The entire game’s script has edited dialogue to remedy poor translations and poorly conveyed emotions. The portraits of characters are more expressive where possible, as well. However, that is the extent of my meddling. This isn’t EoS rebuilt from the ground up, it’s more so a modified experience that allows me to learn the ropes of making an EoS ROM Hack.

  • I've added many new moves to the game to go along with Fairy Type as well as the newer gen Pokémon added to the hack. As well as this, Protean replaces Color Change, Moxie replaces Pure Power, and Contrary replaces an unused ability slot.

    • Added Moves: Echoed Voice, Disarming Voice, Plasma Fist, Infernal Parade, Bitter Malice, Gigaton Hammer, Dazzling Gleam, Draining Kiss, Moonblast, Play Rough, Accelerock, First Impression

  • I have added new Pokémon to every main story dungeon. They now include all mainline starters from Gen 5-9, as well as the overhauled starter list. Some bosses have been altered as well, as well as potentially adding new boss fights that weren’t there before. Every dungeon will include level-scaling, where evolutions of mons within the base spawn pool will appear after certain points of the story. Best stay on your toes when returning to past dungeons!


Here's the list of Starters + Partners and a little bit about them!
Due to there being so many different options, I had to divide them in half based on the gender options in the quiz. Please refer to which group your starter choice is under! However, the partner list was unaffected by this decision, so any Pokémon with "(Starter/Partner)" is on the partner list regardless of which group it's in.

  • Pikachu (Starter) [Group 1]

    • Type: Electric

    • Can evolve into Alolan Raichu

  • Kantonian Vulpix (Starter/Partner) [Group 2]

    • Type: Fire/Fairy

  • Eevee (Starter/Partner) [Group 1]

    • Type: Normal

    • Triteon

      • Type: Water/Poison

      • Evolves via Vaporeon at Lv. 36

    • Vespeon

      • Type: Electric/Bug

      • Evolves via Jolteon at Lv. 36

    • Wispeon

      • Type: Fire/Ghost

      • Evolves via Flareon at Lv. 36

    • Chanteon

      • Type: Psychic/Fighting

      • Evolves via Espeon at Lv. 36

    • Achreon

      • Type: Dark/Steel

      • Evolves via Umbreon at Lv. 36

    • Paleon

      • Type: Grass/Rock

      • Evolves via Leafeon at Lv. 36

    • Crysteon

      • Type: Ice/Ground

      • Evolves via Glaceon at Lv. 36

    • Moireon

      • Type: Fairy/Flying

      • Evolves via Sylveon at Lv. 36

  • Mareep (Starter Only) [Group 2]

    • Type: Electric/Dragon

  • Cyndaquil (Starter) [Group 1]

    • Type: Fire

    • Can evolve into Hisuian Typhlosion

  • Togepi (Partner Only) [No Group]

    • Type: Fairy/Flying

  • Swablu (Starter/Partner) [Group 2]

    • Type: Dragon/Flying

    • Altaria is Dragon/Fairy

  • Wooper (Starter Only) [Group 1]

    • Type: Water/Ground

  • Snorunt (Starter/Partner) [Group 2]

    • Type: Ice/Ghost (Female)

    • Female evolves into Froslass via Lv. Up

    • Type: Ice/Dark (Male)

    • Male evolves into Glalie via Lv. Up

  • Treecko (Starter/Partner) [Group 1]

    • Type: Grass/Dragon

  • Ralts (Partner Only) [No Group]

    • Type: Psychic/Fairy (Is Male)

  • Turtwig (Starter) [Group 2]

    • Type: Grass/Ground

  • Beldum (Starter) [Group 1]

    • Type: Steel/Psychic 

    • Completely overhauled learnset!

  • Piplup (Starter) [Group 2]

    • Type: Water/Steel

  • Riolu (Starter/Partner) [Group 1]

    • Type: Fighting/Steel

  • Joltik (Starter/Partner) [Group 2]

    • Type: Bug/Electric

  • Sandile (Starter/Partner) [Group 1]

    • Type: Ground/Dark

  • Archen (Starter) [Group 2]

    • Type: Rock/Flying

  • Rockruff (Starter/Partner) [Group 1]

    • Type: Rock

    • Lycanroc Midday 

      • Type: Rock/Fairy

      • Learns Play Rough!

    • Lycanroc Dusk

      • Type: Rock/Psychic

      • Learns Zen Headbutt!

    • Lycanroc Midnight

      • Type: Rock/Dark

      • Learns Night Slash!

  • Unovan Zorua (Starter/Partner) [Group 2]

    • Type: Dark

    • Ability: Super Luck

  • Salandit (Starter/Partner) [Group 1]

    • Type: Fire/Poison

  • Fennekin (Starter) [Group 2]

    • Type: Fire/Psychic

  • Mimikyu (Starter) [Group 1]

    • Type: Ghost/Fairy

    • Ability: Sturdy/Shadow Tag

  • Espurr (Starter/Partner) [Group 2]

    • Type: Psychic

  • Wimpod (Starter/Partner) [Group 1]

    • Type: Bug/Water

  • Phantump (Starter/Partner) [Group 2]

    • Type: Grass/Ghost

  • Galarian Farfetch’d (Starter) [Group 1]

    • Type: Fighting/Flying

  • Alolan Vulpix (Starter/Partner) [Group 2]

    • Type: Ice/Fairy

  • Snom (Starter/Partner) [Group 1]

    • Type: Ice/Bug

  • Hisuian Growlithe (Starter/Partner) [Group 2]

    • Type: Fire/Rock

  • Hisuian Zorua (Starter/Partner) [Group 1]

    • Type: Normal/Ghost

  • Hisuian Sneasel (Starter/Partner) [Group 2]

    • Type: Fighting/Poison

    • Has missing Portraits until the Repo updates.

  • Nymble (Starter) [Group 1]

    • Type: Bug/Dark

  • Tinkatink (Starter/Partner) [Group 2]

    • Type: Fairy/Steel

    • Has missing Portraits until the Repo updates.

Edited by Gala1D
Added Wimpod to the Starters List!

What's New in Version 2.0 [Evolutions & More Quickfix]   See changelog


2.0.0 Quickfix (Evolutions & More)

- Fixed an issue where Sobble couldn't evolve.
- Fixed an issue where Fuecoco couldn't evolve. 
- Fixed an issue where Wimpod couldn't evolve.
- Fixed an issue where Hisuian Sneasel couldn't evolve.
- Fixed an issue where male Quilava could evolve into a female Johtonian Typhlosion, instead of male Hisuian Typhlosion.
- Fixed an issue where Dusk Form Lycanroc had the "Overgrow" Ability
- On that note, all Lycanroc abilities have been changed to make them more distinct from each other.
- Updated the download page and installation guide to specify that you need a US ROM of EoS.
- Fixed an oversight where Lunatone could learn Moonblast at Level 1. It now learns it at level 56, and the level 1 slot was replaced with Moonlight. (Explosion was moved to level 60)
- Rearranged the Joltik Family learnset so that they learn a STAB move sooner, removed the extra Screech, and put Discharge in it's place.
- Fixed Wooper Family's stat spread so that it's not so OP (sorry Wooper fans)

There might be some other small fixes, but I forgot what they were lol. Enjoy!

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   2 of 2 members found this review helpful 2 / 2 members

Love the new Starter options! Though I would like to know how the PC's Aura colour/Aura Bow colour is determined in this mod?

Response from the author:

So I've actually completely removed the Personality quiz from the game! So therefore the bow aura is not a factor when determining your starter. Now you simply choose from the list of available options and enjoy the game to your leisure! I hope this answered your question! 

  • V-Wheeeeeel!!! 1
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· Edited by ShootingQuazarDragon

   1 of 1 member found this review helpful 1 / 1 member

Nice game but please change the Accuracy of flying type attack because even if the pokemon has Hustle it misses a lot more then the other attacks with Archen.

I have had times where without any Accuracy being changed that Wing attack missed 10 times in a row and the same with Drill Peck and in contrary with the other attacks the record was 5 with -3 Accuracy on Rock throw

Response from the author:

Yeahh, it's difficult to balance Archen in a way that's rewarding for the effort you have to put in. I'll look into flying moves as well as Archen as a whole to resolve this issue.

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· Edited by kinu

   1 of 1 member found this review helpful 1 / 1 member

It crashes when I try to load special episode 5, which is very disappointing because I was looking forward to the Gala version.
Also, you wrote before that Emolga was missing, but I was able to add it on my own, so it's not a problem.


Response from the author:

Yeah, the special episode has been really fickle, and it's been difficult to figure out what exactly is causing it to become unplayable. This'll unfortunately be the case for a while, but I do plan on tackling the issue at some point in the future. Also, have fun with Emolga! Thanks for the review!

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   1 of 1 member found this review helpful 1 / 1 member

The hack is very well done, but unfortunately I find it a bit too difficult and unfortunately there is only the option to save via the emulator. Unfortunately, the message Save failed appears in the game

Response from the author:

Hey, thanks for the review! I am actively working to fix many of the difficulty issues I am finding within my hack, as an intense difficulty curve wasn't exactly the goal with this game... Stay tuned for the next big update for a more enjoyment-oriented experience! 

As for the saving issue, you're likely either using MelonDS or Drastic. I added a saving Patch which fixes many saving errors, but the custom code causes saving to fail in those two emulators. I recommend using RetroArch with a DeSmuME core! (Or just DeSmuME standalone, either works.) 

I do hope you get around to enjoying my hack, and thanks again for being my first ever review! Happy holidays!!

  • V-Wheeeeeel!!! 1
  • Confused 1
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· Edited by xusu


This has been such a blast to play through so far (using TWiLight Menu++ on my 3DS). Everything has been fine up until Quicksand Cave story-wise where, after the player and their partner fall through the quicksand, I am unable to complete the cutscene since we just sit there and no buttons work. Unfortunately this means I can’t progress in the story past this point.

I chose Beldum as the player and Wimpod as my partner; not sure if that has to do with anything but you never know.

Is this a known issue?

EDIT: Saw someone else in the Discord has this problem with Beldum + Wimpod and I did what they did—restarted a few times while tapping multiple buttons as fast as possible. After the 5th restart it worked. I think it would still be a good idea to investigate in a future patch though.

Response from the author:

I have been made aware of this issue, and I'm not exactly sure what the main cause of it is. I do have a theory, but nothing concrete. When I feel ready to come out of hiatus, this'll definitely be one of the first things I tackle for sure!

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Even if it's not finished nor perfect yet, the ideas behind it and the Implementation are great. I was looking for EoS hacks for a long time because I love what was doable for the mainline games. This right here is exactly the kind of romhack EoS needs to be the best version of itself and I hope it gets even better 👍🏻 Great Work, keep it up. 

Response from the author:

I really appreciate the kind words! This project has been a fun passion of mine since the start, and I'm excited to see how this project will end up. It's far from perfect, but I'm glad that the vision I have for this hack isn't quite lost. I really do hope you enjoy playing my hack, and look forward to the stuff I have planned for the future!

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It looks so fun, but I don't understand how to contact for help. I have super NDS Pro and I downloaded explorer of sky emulator, but it won't let me patch them 😥 It says X not implemented: Secondary decompressor. What do I do? I really want to play

Response from the author:

I unfortunately am not well informed on that specific emulator, but I am seeing possible solutions online! I do hope your issue is resolved, but if not you can always join the discord to get some help from other members.

Link to review

Did Hisui's Zorua evolve? If not, that's okay

Response from the author:

Hisuian Zorua should be able to evolve! If you're curious of evolution info you can join the discord and find the info channel with all the dungeon, evolution, and changelog info!

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Emichu Z


Hello! I have a problem. I wanted to try your mod out but can't figure out how to use the file on RetroArch. I'm having trouble trying to get it to work and was very saddened that I couldn't figure it out. I wish it would work for Drastic as it is easier to use but says file not usable/doesn't work. I really really want to play the mod can I please have some help? 

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I love all the new starters and it's very well made, though it would be nice if there were non shiny variants to some Pokemon but that's mostly personal preference wwww. Is it possible you could re-add riolu to this list? I personally love playing as one with one of the cool added Pokemon as partner like h.zorua

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Hi! I really loved the new options for starters and partners, but I have a issue while playing with Eevee and H. Zorua. Echoed Voice don't work at all. Two messages appears "Can't use that diagonally" and "Can't use that here!". 

Response from the author:

Hey, I've actually fixed this bug in the 1.6.0 release version I posted earlier this morning. If any problems persist, be sure to join the discord and make a support ticket for bugs and general support!

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