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Pokémon Mystery Dungeon Explorers of Sky: Remixed! 1.6.0

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About This File

This is a ROM Hack of Explorers of Sky that adds an entirely new starter list, new mechanics, as well as a balancing overhaul!

Hey, my name is Gala and I wanted to share a fun little hack I created using SkyTemple! I didn't change much about the story of Explorers of sky, but I've changed every starter and some story characters! All the starters were picked out by my friends, so hopefully that explains the strange and diverse pool of Pokémon. Below I will do my best to detail what exactly I have included in this hack! Happy reading, and I hope you enjoy my game! (What isn't explained here will be explained in the Changelog.txt file that will be provided with the patch. 

DISCLAIMER: This hack will not work on the MelonDS or the Drastic emulator. There's nothing I can do to fix this, Im sorry for the inconvenience!

P.S., if you're interested in keeping up to date with the latest info on my hack, feel free to join the Discord! I post sneak peeks, and sometimes you'll see me in VC working on the hack, or just hanging out! Is there a feature you'd like to see get added? Come on in and tell me all about it! Hope to see you there!

  • All the starters have been almost entirely replaced, and many of them have new typings and/or move pool. I recommend checking them all out to find which team comp works best for you! Also the stats of all the starters have been adjusted and rebalanced, which has resulted in the game's difficulty going up a little bit. Hope you're ready for a challenge!
  • I have added pretty much every SkyTemple community patch, which includes things such as Complete Team Control, Fairy Type, Choosing your Starter, and many more! It all comes together to make the experience fresh and exciting!
  • I've also provided the necessary applications to apply this patch, all you've gotta do is provide your own untampered ROM of Explorers of Sky. 
  • I used assets provided by many people through places such as the Repository, so I wanna make sure that they all get the attention they deserve. It's all listed in this Google Document. (Beware, spoilers ahead!)
  • As of 11/2023, I have changed very little about the story. This is bound to change in little ways over time, however keep in mind that this is not a story hack. Aside from one cutscene, some character appearances, and/or names, I haven't changed much else. If you're looking for a story overhaul, this isn't it.
  • Speaking of adding Fairy Type, I did actually end up adding most of the existing Fairy moves from the main series, to allow for the fairy type to be just as viable (and usable) as the rest of the types! (Added Dazzling Gleam, Fairy Wind, Draining Kiss, etc.)


Here's the list of Starters + Partners and a little bit about them!
Due to there being so many different options, I had to divide them in half based on the gender options in the quiz. Please refer to which Group your starter choice is under! However, the partner list was unaffected by this decision, so any Pokémon with "(Starter/Partner)" is on the partner list regardless of which Group it's in.

  • Beldum (Starter) [Pick Group 1]
    • Type: Steel/Psychic 
    • Completely overhauled learnset!
  • Turtwig (Starter) [Pick Group 2]
    • Type: Grass/Ground
  • Treecko (Starter/Partner) [Pick Group 1]
    • Type: Grass/Dragon
  • Espurr (Starter) [Pick Group 2]
    • Type: Psychic
    • Evolves into M/F Meowstic
  • Eevee (Starter/Partner) [Pick Group 1]
    • Type: Normal/Ice
    • Triteon
      • Type: Water/Poison
      • Evolves via Water Stone
    • Vespeon
      • Type: Electric/Bug
      • Evolves via Thunder Stone
    • Wispeon
      • Type: Fire/Ghost
      • Evolves via Fire Stone
    • Chanteon
      • Type: Psychic/Fighting
      • Evolves via Dawn Stone
    • Achreon
      • Type: Dark/Steel
      • Evolves via Dusk Stone
    • Paleon
      • Type: Grass/Rock
      • Evolves via Leaf Stone
    • Crysteon
      • Type: Ice/Ground
      • Evolves via Frozen Rock
    • Moireon
      • Type: Fairy/Flying
      • Evolves via Shiny Stone
  • Fennekin/Braixen (Starter/Partner) [Pick Group 2]
    • Type: Fire/Psychic
    • Braixen's stats match Fennekin's for the sake of balance
    • Braixen is the Starter option, Fennekin is the Partner option
  • Rayquaza (Starter) [Pick Group 1]
    • Type: Dragon/Flying
    • It's been nerfed, I promise.
  • Pikachu (Starter) [Pick Group 2]
    • Type: Electric
    • Can evolve into Alolan Raichu
  • Absol (Starter/Partner) [Pick Group 1]
    • Type: Dark
  • Porygon (Starter/Partner) [Pick Group 2]
    • Type: Normal
  • Shinx (Starter/Partner) [Pick Group 1]
    • Type: Electric/Dark
    • She was actually buffed lol
  • Finneon (Starter/Partner) [Pick Group 2]
    • Type: Water/Fairy
  • Aron (Starter) [Pick Group 1]
    • Type: Rock/Steel
    • Learns rock moves via Lv. Up!
  • Mimikyu (Starter) [Pick Group 2]
    • Type: Ghost/Fairy
  • Swablu (Starter/Partner) [Pick Group 1]
    • Type: Dragon/Flying
  • Joltik (Starter/Partner) [Pick Group 2]
    • Type: Bug/Electric
  • Spoink (Starter/Partner) [Pick Group 1]
    • Type: Psychic/Dark
  • Snorunt (Starter/Partner) [Pick Group 2]
    • Type: Ice/Ghost
    • Evolves into Froslass via Lv. Up
  • Piplup (Starter) [Pick Group 1]
    • Type: Water/Steel
  • Alolan Vulpix (Starter/Partner) [Pick Group 2]
    • Type: Ice/Fairy
  • Cyndaquil (Starter) [Pick Group 1]
    • Type: Fire
    • Can evolve into Hisuian Typhlosion
    • Learns Infernal Parade! + Other ghost moves
  • Nymble (Starter/Partner) [Pick Group 2]
    • Type: Bug/Dark
    • Cannot evolve (For now)
  • Cacnea (Starter) [Pick Group 1]
    • Type: Grass/Dark
  • Phantump (Starter/Partner) [Pick Group 2]
    • Type: Grass/Ghost
  • Slowpoke (Starter/Partner) [Pick Group 1]
    • Type: Water/Psychic
  • Zeraora (Starter) [Pick Group 2]
    • Type: Electric/Fighting
    • It's been nerfed, I promise.
    • Learns Plasma Fist!
  • Unovan Zorua (Starter/Partner) [Pick Group 1 or Group 2]
    • Type: Dark
  • Hisuian Zorua (Starter/Partner) [Pick Group 1 or Group 2]
    • Type: Normal/Ghost
    • Learns Bitter Malice!
  • Ralts (Partner Only)
    • Type: Psychic/Fairy
    • Can evolve into Gallade
  • Buneary (Partner Only)
    • Type: Normal/Fighting
  • Rockruff (Starter/Partner) [Pick Group 1 or Group 2]
    • Type: Rock
    • Learns Accelrock!
    • Lycanroc Midday 
      • Type: Rock/Fairy
      • Learns Play Rough!
    • Lycanroc Dusk
      • Type: Rock/Psychic
      • Learns Zen Headbutt!
    • Lycanroc Midnight
      • Type: Rock/Dark
      • Learns Dark Pulse!

Edited by Gala1D
Added new Eeveelutions!

What's New in Version 1.6.0   See changelog



Well, the reviews are in! And drumroll please........ It's too difficult. I'm not gonna name any one name, but everyone and their own grandma is saying that my hack is farrrr too difficult. (Including myself tbh-) So I've decided to return the game's difficulty curve to be more akin to the Vanilla game! There will absolutely still be a challenge, as these buffed starters still appear in dungeons, so stay on your toes! I did edit some smaller stuff, so lemme get those out of the way before moving onto the shiny new thing in this hack.

  • I fixed the main menu backgrounds to actually include my friends. (I had to remove some, sorry if you liked the Ninetales one. (I did too)
  • I added Play Rough and Zen Headbutt as TMs in Rockruff's moveset. It just wouldn't make sense to not include them!
  • Added even more missing gender counterparts that I swear I didn't just glance over last patch- ;~;
  • Actually made it possible to evolve Pikachu into Alolan Raichu (Sorry)


Now then, the moment you didn't know was coming... NEW EEVEELUTIONSSSSSSSSS!! Their details will be added to the details list under CUSTOM Eevee, so stay tuned for that! But here's a little bit about them for now:

  • Triteon - Water/Poison
  • Vespeon Electric/Bug
  • Wispeon - Fire/Ghost
  • Chanteon - Psychic/Fighting
  • Achreon - Dark/Steel
  • Paleon - Grass/Rock
  • Crysteon - Ice/Ground
  • Moireon - Fairy/Flying


As a footnote... I am well aware that I said I wouldn't make an update till after the holidays, but I did also say that I may go back on that statement. That disclaimer aside, I hope you enjoy the new update! There may be like.... one or two more bugfix update before I release the next major update, which'll be a more "2nd Playthrough" kinda thing (If you've already started playing.) I hope y'all look forward to it all!


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The hack is very well done, but unfortunately I find it a bit too difficult and unfortunately there is only the option to save via the emulator. Unfortunately, the message Save failed appears in the game

Response from the author:

Hey, thanks for the review! I am actively working to fix many of the difficulty issues I am finding within my hack, as an intense difficulty curve wasn't exactly the goal with this game... Stay tuned for the next big update for a more enjoyment-oriented experience! 

As for the saving issue, you're likely either using MelonDS or Drastic. I added a saving Patch which fixes many saving errors, but the custom code causes saving to fail in those two emulators. I recommend using RetroArch with a DeSmuME core! (Or just DeSmuME standalone, either works.) 

I do hope you get around to enjoying my hack, and thanks again for being my first ever review! Happy holidays!!

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Hi! I really loved the new options for starters and partners, but I have a issue while playing with Eevee and H. Zorua. Echoed Voice don't work at all. Two messages appears "Can't use that diagonally" and "Can't use that here!". 

Response from the author:

Hey, I've actually fixed this bug in the 1.6.0 release version I posted earlier this morning. If any problems persist, be sure to join the discord and make a support ticket for bugs and general support!

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