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Pokemon Grand Colosseum 1.21

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About This File

Very happy to finally be able to share the first full Pokemon Colosseum QOL and difficulty ROM hack to date!

Grand Colosseum not only acts as a difficulty hack to one of the hardest pokemon games out there, but brings a host of QOL changes, including but not limited to

. Physical/Special split

. Fairy type

. 50+ New moves

. Stat/type/Ability updates and changes (In line with Drayano's hacks)

. Revamped TM list with 8 new TMs

. Infinite TM use

. New shadow encounters

. Gym themed Colosseum battles

. Higher difficulty

Head on over the the gamecube pokemon hacking discord here https://discord.gg/kPpxYVZP to shout at me about anything I might have missed.

For anyone who wants to support me you can check out my Patreon here, but no worries if not, I just hope you enjoy! https://www.patreon.com/kya_colosseum

Must give a massive shoutout to Stars who has helped me throughout this process, and who without his tools I'd have not even managed to turn a Zigzagoon into a Linoone. There are plenty of other features I'd love to bring to this project in the future, so anyone knowledgeable in the ways of coding/texture editing who wants to work on a project like this please get in touch!

How to patch

 Apply the patch file to a clean Pokemon ColosseumISO using any UPS patcher. This patch was made for the NTSC (US) version so it will not work on other versions. The iso is quite large so it may take a few minutes.

Always patch onto a clean ISO, even if you are applying an update.

When patching make sure file isn't a nkit file. If it is, please note that the patch will not work and you will need to convert the file into an ordinary ISO, or source another ISO.

Any previous Colosseum save files will be compatible with future patches, however any version differences involving Shadow Pokemon may result in missing out on certain features.

Edited by Kya
Glitch report

What's New in Version 1.21   See changelog


. Mount battle floors 60-100 have been made the game's final challenge.
  EV training and proper strategies required to secure victory

. X-scissor now has high crit ratio (PLA change)

. Psyshield bash has been added to Stantler

. Mawile's ATK and DEF -10

. Sunflora's HP+20

. Mr. Mime's HP+20

. Magmar's new stats   HP 65  Atk 95  Def 74 Spa 113 Spd 95   Spe 83

. Electabuzz's new stats   HP 65 Atk 113 Def 63 Spd 83  Spa 95  Spe 104  

. Plusle now Electric/Faiy type

. Politoed now mono water again

. Moveset changes and fixes

. Early game fights that risked nuzlocke game overs from crits changed to allow for garuanteed wins

. Late game shadow pokemon now have perfect IV's.

. Trainers gradually gain IV's throughout playthrough until Venus, where perfect IV's for every trainer follow

. Boss trainers and late game trainers now have EVs

. Some boss trainers teams have been changed to increase difficulty

. All Colosseum Gym leaders now have 5 Pokemon

. Some shadow pokemon have been replaced with new ones, whilst others have been moved around

. AI behaviour has been mostly fixed

. Documentation improved

. Fixed DNA sample glitch in 1.21 update


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I am a big fan of the original games for the gamecube and because this rom hack is not too transformative I would say it is hard not to like it, I do like the increase in difficulty too. I know this is an early version of this rom hack so I didn't have the biggest expectations though I do wish there were more shadow pokemon added to it. I've already beaten Venus and I dont think I have encountered a single new shadow pokemon yet which is strange. Also I am not too much of a fan of the first 7 zones of Mt Battle being turned into easy exp grinding. I was personally quite a fan of the 100 round gauntlet. Lastly I would particularly enjoy if there were more quality of life changes, if you could manage some way to purify shadow pokemon earlier that would be quite nice.

Though what is arguably a bigger problem I have with Colosseum is that actually purifying all of the shadow Pokemon is a huge pain. I assume that is part of the reason why Mt Battle is the way it is in this hack, but it feels like a relatively inelegant solution. If there was somehow a way to integrate the purification chamber from XD into Colosseum that would probably be the best way to deal with this, but I realize doing so might be quite the undertaking. It just really sucks having to either grind for hours in Mt Battle or having to spam every enemy in the game with shadow rushes until you get enough hyper modes to purify all of the Pokemon.

Response from the author:

Hey! Glad to hear you've enjoyed it so far. Yeah Colosseum hacking isn't where XD hacking is yet I'm afraid so expanding the number of Shadow pokemon is currently possible. I'm considering lowering the purification requirement in a future update as the later Pokemon are very annoying to purify, but think the rate at which the early game mons loose their gauge is pretty balanced considering you can burn through an entire shadow bar in one battle if you play it right. Sadly the purificiation chamber would probably only be possible if you rebuilt the entire game in XD's engine haha.

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Ga In

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If the 1st Pokemon Game made for GameCube is the hardest does that mean the 1 with Shadow Lugia is the 2nd hardest ? 

Are you also going to work on that disk as well ? 

Also wondering if you could hack it to instead of HAVING to return Bonsly if you could make it to where players are given a choice between unfortunately returning to the girl or getting to keep it ? 

I Really Loved Both Games As They Were But NEVER Was Able To Finish Either ,{and I know with your "update" that I Really Won't Be Able To Finish}, (😀😄😂😆🤣

Have you figured out a way to get rid of the accompanying "most of the time in the way" girl ? 

There are some things that I totally hated in the games besides never getting to finish them 

some are

the annoying girl that kept getting in the way , 

the makers of Pokemon making Hitmonchan males ,[I know they're for Jackie Chan but come on they look more female in hiked-up mini-skirts], 

and when I seen the 1 with Shadow Lugia in the NINTENDO Magazine ,{which in the day was an extremely excellent magazine}, I thought "WOW SHE ,(the 1 players would be), IS REALLY NEAT AM GOING TO LIKE PLAYING AS HER !!!" Then was shattered to find out it was a boy 😭 . And when I found out I thought " Come On In The 1st Was A Male ... That Was Ok .... I usually don't like playing as a boy but hey . HELLO MAKERS OF POKEMON WHY WOULD YOU MAKE THE 2nd 1 ALSO A MALE ? GIRLS LOVE PLAYING POKEMON AS WELL !!! 

I've watched the Animè ever since it came to the U.S.Of A. I can never get enough of it . I enjoyed their jukebox karaoke and their guessing\trivia game before and after the ads . And I REALLY LOVED THE MAIN THEME !!! 

Thank You So Much , Have A Nice Day !!! 

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I am genuinely enjoying this, but the more that I play, the more I realize that this is still in beta form. Typings are not done properly. Muddy water just hit my meganium for super effective damage. 

Response from the author:

Sorry but are you sure it wasn't sludge wave you got hit by for super effective damage? As it uses the same animation..

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I started playing this hack a few days ago and now that I am finished and it has been a pleasant experience.
- I know that in the original there werent that many shadow pokemon, but it may have been possible to add a few more. Its mostly the same Pokemon as in the original, except for a few like Salamance out of my head. and not only the shadow pkmn, most of the trainer have the exact same pkmn.
I even remember getting Heracross here in the Pokemon Lab and in the original in Realgam Tower. It could have been a new pkmn instead of it switching with another one.
It got a little stale for me.
I find it good however, that most of the trainer pokemon are evolutions. Take for example the first trainer in the game.

- The Master Ball Glitch still is in the game. It works by catching a shadow Pokemon with your first pokemon and than switching the master ball with another ball in your items. It could be prevented by simply turning it off. So you cant switch items while in battle. It isnt a big deal, you can just avoid to do it in the first place. 
Also a wider variety of balls to buy would be a good inclusion. And not beeing able to buy balls in other places and only in Outskirt Stand.
Same goes for some other items.  Also its nice that it seemed a little easier to catch pokemon. Was the catch rate for the 3 dogs higher? I did like that. 

- Trainers tend to be a little dumb. Sometimes they boost their stats even tho they only have 10% hp left. They sometimes attack the pokemon that is resisting their attack and not the one weak to it. The lvl Cap is fine however. You are never overleveled and thats a good thing. You also dont have to grind as much. Its a good pacing.

- Items overall. I know its 3rd gen but if we take Pokemon xg for example, there was not only Choice band, but Choice specs and lifeorb included. Some others as well. Having more options when team building is always good. 

I did llike many quality of life changes tho. Including physical/special split was needed in these old games. Many pokemon were unusable because of that. Reusing TMs, beeing able to see your shadow pokemons nature before it is freed. That wasnt possible before.

Having said all that, I dont know how hard it is to program new things into the game. Like more shadow pokemon or new items.
I still think it was fun overall, but it could defintly improve a little :)

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10 hours into the game and my opinion is pretty much exactly the same as JackLikesBeans. I know this is only 1.1 and the work made to enhance the difficulty is great, although I'm personally not a big fan of the types and abilities change because most of my lost battles comes from completely unexpectable strategies and it's a bit obnoxious because you know at some point you're going to be caught off guard. I wish there was some kind of toggle which would let the player decide if they want to play with Drayano's modifications. I'm curious if you guys have planned to add more battle music from the battle mode in the future? Colosseum music is cool but it's always the same few ones we get to hear. 

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