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  1. Not long ago, i'd gotten to the master 3-star rank & to the point in the game where the player & partner can evolve, that being how far i've gotten in this playthrough as of this. Along with it being my first playthrough in quite a long time of EOS, it is indeed a good thing that the fix has worked, so my partner is able to evolve into greninja. Can't speak for litten really, but i'd guess that'd be working too, if froakie is. And i'm using DraStic myself, had continued with my regular save from 1.2, not the quicksave though, for reference. So can say that works there. And you are welcome, good thing it is fixed now.
  2. With froakie, it says the evolution can go no further, though i am on the 1.2 of the mod here. Also with froakie being my partner pokemon, so would the evolution only apply if you chose it to be the player, or would it work with the partner also? So, how do you go about evolving froakie & litten (incase litten is the same way as froakie), the partner is well above what level would be needed of course, and is it still through the post-game method, as mentioned it says that he can't evolve any further, which is odd
  3. Nice to see this update here for it, and greninja is one of the evolutions i was looking forward to seeing in to have as my partner, good to see that & incineroar be put through. Along with those patches for the various emulators, DraStic being what i'll use for it too.
  4. Just come across this here, nice to be seeing the starters from each generation in, with the sprite work & the like looking like they were a part the game to being with. And as who knows when some might get updated, i do agree with what the other person said, and so long as you are able to do so, could put the final evolutions in for the lines that have them, but not the second in the line as of yet. Though might seem a bit odd to some to go from the first to third (that happens a times temporarily in SMD), could be perhaps done here when you are able to & whatnot. And'll keep an eye on this mod of yours, hope it'll work out well for you.
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