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Poké Portal Event #23 - Great Tusk and Iron Treads Spotlight & Chesnaught the Unrivaled

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Event description
This is an event raid held by Scarlet and Violet. Notably, with this event you get a chance to encounter Tera raids featuring a level 100 (Shiny locked) Chesnaught with the Rock Tera type, and a level 75 Great Tusk (Scarlet) or Iron Treads (Violet).

This event was planned to run from May 19 to May 21, 2023.

The first round of this event ran for about 3 hours. It was then suspended due to a bug which could cause game crashes.

It has since been released a Round 2 of this event, that run from June 16 to June 18.

How to encounter Mighty raid in-game
For 7-Stars Raids to be findable by players, they must first have unlocked 6-Stars Raids through story progression. This requires completing the entire game story and the post game until the academy tournament. Players must then complete 10 4-stars or 5-stars raids.

Only after all these steps have been performed, the player will receive a call from Jacq, which he will proceed to tell you about dangerous black crystal raids.

What can be done with these files
The files to be imported into your save file are placed in the Files directory. We also provide human-readable data in Json format, and an Identifier.txt file containing the event index.

Use our tutorial to import these files into your save.

After importing you might need to advance one day in the Date/Time from your console System Settings, to reroll the dens.

To see other Poké Portal Events, here.

What's New in Version 06/16/23 07:39 PM   See changelog


No changelog available for this version.

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Explanation of the glitches with this event via Bulbapedia:


This event was originally intended to run between May 19, 00:00 UTC to May 21, 23:59 UTC, 2023, but included two notable glitches during its initial introduction on May 19, 2023:

  • The item rewards attempted to grant and display TM Materials for Great Tusk and Iron Treads, despite both species not having associated TM Material items. This caused the item rewards screen for some players to display "None" as one of the item rewards, followed by the game crashing.[7][8]
  • All Iron Treads raids with random Tera types were erroneously coded never to appear as Shiny,[9] despite both versions of Great Tusk, and the Iron Treads with the forced Ground Tera type being able to appear as Shiny at the standard 1:4103.05 odds.

At approximately 02:00 UTC on May 19, 2023,[4] all event raids were removed from the server, (including the 7★ Chesnaught the Unrivaled event), replaced with completely blank event data for any players that connected during this time. The official Japanese twitter account issued an apology,[5] but the event was eventually announced as being cancelled entirely.[6] This is the first instance of a Poké Portal News event being removed from the server entirely to address a glitch.

Image of the glitched "None" TM Material items, prior to game crash:

Additionally, an announcement for a 7★ Delphox event running from May 26, 2023 00:00 UTC to May 28, 2023 23:59 UTC briefly appeared in the Pokémon HOME calendar on May 21, but was removed almost immediately, likely due to the cancellation of the prior event causing scheduling conflict:


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Additional context for why the crashes were occuring:


There are 23 stubbed items in Pokémon Scarlet and Violet that map to TM Materials for Sprigatito, Fuecoco, Quaxly, Koraidon, Miraidon, the Treasures of Ruin, and Paradox Pokémon found in the Paldea Pokédex, item IDs 2100-2102 (Sprigatito through Quaxly), 2124-2125 (Koraidon and Miraidon), 2138-2151 (Paradox Pokémon, excluding Walking Wake and Iron Leaves), and 2152-2155 (Treasures of Ruin).

If the game attempts to grant these items to the player, such as via the rewards following the completion of a Tera Raid Battle, the game will crash.

Walking Wake and Iron Leaves event raids did attempt to grant bonus drops of TM Materials, however they were unaffected by this glitch due to not having an associated TM Material item ID. 7★ raid battles for species not found in Paldea, (such as Charizard), were also unaffected, as they did not have TM Materials in the item pool.

The first instance of this glitch occurred May 19, 00:00 to 02:00 UTC, 2023 with the introduction of Great Tusk and Iron Treads event raids.

Initial post/context from @mattyoukhana_:

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