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  1. Hi all! New time user of PKHeX but an average user of PokeGen from back in the day. I have some transparency, ease-of-access suggestions for the PKHeX UI that could help with intuitive navigation. 1) Relocate the Blank Save Version option from Options>Settings to File. 2) Relocate the Shortcuts menu from Options>About PKHeX to Tools 3) When using the "Reset All" button from Option>Settings, it closes the PKHeX as a requirement but doesn't not auto-launch afterward. Enable it to auto-relaunch when using this feature. 4) The Origin Marks of Pokemon aren't interact-able. Apply a feature that clicking on the mark would redirect the user to the Met tab and drop down the Origin Game options automatically. 5) Buttons that are interact-able, but not apparent should have a button outline. This includes Trainer and Pokemon gender, the Legality Checker, the PKM Ouicksave; and any others I could of missed since I didn't know they were a button. Next are legacy features from PokeGen: 6) There was this tooltip feature that detailed what options meant when rolled over. Some examples of these would be Nature, IVs, EVs, ability, etc. This would be great on the Origins Marks. 7) Pokemon Box drop-downs always displayed amount of Pokemon in specific boxes. Thanks and if there's any concerns or elaborations needed to break down the points, please let me know.
  2. Hey guys, quick question -- on topic with PowerSave 3DS; where might you think is the best shop to purchase one? I've been seeing talk about it and I can't figure where I can order mine. I saw a listing at Amazon, but I wasn't too sure and wondered if any of you guys knows of a more trusted, personal shop I can order mine from.
  3. It does -- once it loads the sprites, but if it's after fresh boot, it lags regardless as I search through the boxes. =\
  4. Tried and it didn't work. Searching through the Pokemon Boxes still lags.
  5. Hey! Been a long time user and I'm so grateful that Chase-san has developed such a wonderful tool for the Pokemon community. Marvelous indeed. I just updated from r10 to r11 with much anticipation. However, I feel that it's necessary to report any bugs or issues. I discovered that r11 doesn't run smoothly on 8GB SD cards. I ran it on my 2GB and 4GB and it loaded fine and ran smoothly, although on the 8GB, it approximately takes six seconds to access the Pokemon pages/boxes. I even tested r10 on my 8GB and that ran fine and didn't lag. Now of course, if I have to access Pokemon, let's say in box 10, that'll be roughly a minute. "inb4 Ooo a minute, that won't kill you." Yeah, it won't, but for everything a programmer creates and hands out to their users, that programmer would like to know if there exist any issues so they can return to correct its problems. So Chase-san, as much as I like your PPSE-DS I'd be even more ecstatic to see a new version that works well in a 8GB MicroSD card. Thanks! Happy Holidays!
  6. Save the Pokemon you want to .pkm then load then through HGSS PokeSav storage area. I've done that much from my Platinum to SS pokes.
  7. For the Live ARDS Code preview crashes when I select SoulSilver's USA version.
  8. If you're referring to moving storage Pokemon to party... save the storage Pokemon as .pkm, then load it into party. Although, from my experience, PokeSav won't let you load Pokemon into party like that.
  9. Apparently USA and Japanese versions of Ranch Pokemon are considered hacked or unknown. Anyone looked into this?
  10. Not sure if you knew or not but download is down.
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