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    It’s a little tedious, but totally do able. I did that before the Bank can out in XY. However, I believe if Ditto isn’t available that would encourage players to hack Pokémon.
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    You know what would be the biggest hit for evrybody both genners and legit player? If Ditto was not in the Galar Pokedex. I was reading some post made by Joe Merrick and i have completly forgot that in the last purge....i mean jump to new hardware from Gen2 to Gen3 Ditto was not avalible in the first par of game. So if you still buy and play the game and you have a bank of legit ditto obtain with hard work: pick a god and pray.
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    >soft reset for a number matching NO. The MirageValue is independent from others, just date. "Wait for next day" is the only way to update the MirageValue. Day6735 always match PID: ____9454h, whatever you do. Day1(clock set): val=0, match PID: none, Day2: val=00003039h, match PID: none, Day3: val=D3DC167Eh, match PID: ____D3DC, Day6735: val=9454B433, match PID: ____9454, Day(n+1)=Day(n)*41C64E6Dh+3039h ABOUT BATTERY If battery has dead, the MirageValue will NEVER update, without NewGame. This means: If you save Day3~ BEFORE battery_dead, and battery dead, a PID_Matched 1 mon will ALWAYS match. If you start NewGame AFTER battery_dead, any PID will NEVER match. ABOUT PARTY You can test many mons in boxes, without waiting next day. Go PC and fill party (also 6 is ok) Talk to the old man, Pacifidlog Town. If not appeared, go PC and fill party with another mons. If appeared, start detecting a PID_Matched 1 mon from party. Just repeat talk&deposit. When next day appears, the MirageValue update, and a PID-Matched 1 mon will become unmatched. You need to re-test.
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    And now let's break pepole hope and dreams and talk about the recent news about Pokemon Home. How do you feel about the info we got at this E3?
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    ORAS's Castform gift starts with 100 points in its Beauty contest stat, and those stats can never decrease. If the listing of contest stats at the bottom of the Stats tab doesn't show at least 100 there, this is a proper detection.
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    I transcribed the English portions of the important information. Also, don't let anyone tell you it's mistranslated. It certainly is not. The TL;DR: version is highlight in BOLD, but I recommend reading the whole portion for proper context. The portion mentioned from the video starts from here (24:54)
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