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  1. I've never seen, either. I have no idea that why the tool trims(with add head), why these diversity has occurred. my script is personally adapted to "POKEMON_RUBY_AXVE02.sav", I expected that the tool always generate such 96byte-added-trimmed data. I cannot decrypt the FireRed and Emerald data. ...encrypted? or junk? I don't know.
  2. 96byte head includes, but savefile length is correct. Here is sample script for convert. drop 1 file(the backup tool output): create 2 files. HeadFile, and saveFile(pkhex can read) drop 2 file(the HeadFile, and saveFile(pkhex edited): create 1 file, a data for the backup tool. test.vbs
  3. >soft reset for a number matching NO. The MirageValue is independent from others, just date. "Wait for next day" is the only way to update the MirageValue. Day6735 always match PID: ____9454h, whatever you do. Day1(clock set): val=0, match PID: none, Day2: val=00003039h, match PID: none, Day3: val=D3DC167Eh, match PID: ____D3DC, Day6735: val=9454B433, match PID: ____9454, Day(n+1)=Day(n)*41C64E6Dh+3039h ABOUT BATTERY If battery has dead, the MirageValue will NEVER update, without NewGame. This means: If you save Day3~ BEFORE battery_dead, and battery dead, a PID_Matched 1 mon will ALWAYS match. If you start NewGame AFTER battery_dead, any PID will NEVER match. ABOUT PARTY You can test many mons in boxes, without waiting next day. Go PC and fill party (also 6 is ok) Talk to the old man, Pacifidlog Town. If not appeared, go PC and fill party with another mons. If appeared, start detecting a PID_Matched 1 mon from party. Just repeat talk&deposit. When next day appears, the MirageValue update, and a PID-Matched 1 mon will become unmatched. You need to re-test.
  4. G7déx auto-fill put flags on 888-Castform-1 ShinyMale, and other Castform's shiny weather-forms(6 flags), but I could not find way to do that in Gen7(Moon). failed: use RainDance / switch Castform during rain / scan QRcode of "Shiny Castform Rainy Form" / met shiny first / Do you have any other plan? or this is just a little bug?
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