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  1. In the PK1 and PK2 formats, owing to lack of data space, the PP Ups were packed into the same byte as PP count. The PP Up count is int(byte/64), and the actual PP remaining is byte % 64. Of course, in later formats there's more space to separate those out, but in the case of PP Ups, PKHeX still needs to take that into account when migrating to simulate Transporter, and split the top two bits into the proper place.
  2. ORAS's Castform gift starts with 100 points in its Beauty contest stat, and those stats can never decrease. If the listing of contest stats at the bottom of the Stats tab doesn't show at least 100 there, this is a proper detection.
  3. Does this Shiftry also have Leaf Blade by any chance? The only way it can get Leaf Blade is if it's still at Nuzleaf stage at the time it gets sent forward to ORAS or later (like a lot of stone evolutions, its level-up movelist is extremely barren afterwards). Meanwhile, Sucker Punch is only available if it's all the way at Shiftry stage before it leaves the confines of G4 (previous evolutions aren't compatible with that move tutor), and there's no way to time its evolution and/or transfer such that the two moves can coexist.
  4. That's a zipped file; it looks like you haven't extracted it yet.
  5. Battle Tree Scouted Partners for Multi Battles The save file region for this starts at offset 6B224 in SM, or 6B824 in USUM. There's room to have up to 50 trainers scouted at a time. By default, players start out with only Rada available, using the sets Barbaracle-1 and Hawlucha-1. Interestingly, as an opponent Rada is incapable of using those sets (indeed, no opponent in the tree can possibly have that combination), but those simply happen to be sets #0 and 1 in their database, and you have to have something to start out with. In USUM, clearing Episode RR will also unlock Lillie as a second default trainer. After winning any Single or Double battle in a tree streak other than one involving a Battle Legend, you can "scout" that trainer by paying 10 BP to add them to your book of partners, with the first 2 Pokemon from the team that you just beat. 6B224-6B287 (SM), 6B824-6B887 (USUM): Trainer IDs This is 100 bytes of allocated space, so each entry gets 2 bytes, stored as successive little-endian pairs, even though the high byte of each pair would have been unnecessary. Valid values range from 0x0000 to 0x00D1 (in SM, the upper limit is only 0x00CC). Note that BE, BF, CB-CC (SM), CC-CD (USUM) and CF-D1 are illegal, as you can never be in position to scout these trainers. They will not have a profile icon when you go to browse your list of partners, and the text box they say to you at the start of your joint challenge will be blank, but other than that they behave as sensibly as anyone else. Values above the upper limit will crash the game if you try to pick them, because there's no character model to draw. When you reach the end of the list of scouted trainers, all the remaining entries will be filled with FFFF. A list of ID numbers and the trainer names they correspond to can be found at https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1w-xYTGS9SW8np4Qxg9KjB99QkSxfPDhmjTzHk8GOT04/edit?usp=sharing by clicking on the "Tree Trainers" tab. 6B288-6B2EB (SM), 6B888-6B8EB (USUM): Pokemon #1 Again these are 50 little-endian byte pairs, where this time the second byte is necessary. The first byte pair identifies a Pokemon that belongs to the trainer in your first slot, the second pair goes with the second slot, and so on. Valid values for these pairs range from 0x0000 to 0x03E3. In USUM, the pool is actually filled up to 0x03E6, but these three extra sets are only used in a Battle Agency tutorial battle shortly into the postgame, and no actual trainer is legally capable of having them (plus they suck anyway). Due to the way multi battles work, this first Pokemon will always be the one they send out in a lead position. By using the above link from the trainers, but this time clicking on the Tree Pokemon tab, you can see the mapping for those. 6B2EC-6B34F (SM), 6B8EC-6B94F (USUM): Pokemon #2 As above, but these pairs identify the Pokemon that each partner has in a backup position. 6B354-6B385 (SM), 6B954-6B985 (USUM): Ability for Pokemon #1 The way Battle Tree team generation works, each Pokemon rolls for one of its three ability slots completely at random at the start of the battle (without regard to legality, so they can end up with HA Oranguru, Passimian, or Heatran). These values are saved on scouted trainers, so that every time you pair up with the same one, you'll know they have the same abilities as they did during your original battle (in fact, some of those abilities may have guided you to scout them in the first place). Legal values are 00, 01, and 02, which represent what PKHeX calls the 1, 2, and H slots respectively. Note that this region is only 50 bytes rather than 100, so each successive byte belongs to a separate Pokemon instead of being grouped into pairs. Also note the 4-byte gap between the end of the "Species #2" region and the start of "Ability for #1" region. When you reach the end of your partner list, the remaining values in this region are filled out with 00, rather than FF. 6B386-6B3B7 (SM), 6B986-6B9B7 (USUM): Ability for Pokemon #2 Same as above, for the second Pokemon. There is no gap between the Ability #1 and Ability #2 regions, apart from whatever padding of 00s may result from having empty partner slots. Gender, like abilities, is determined at random during team generation at the start of every battle instead of being codified in the pool of Tree sets, but I'm not seeing any place that could be saved in the file. It does seem to be held constant across multiple sessions with the same partner, at least. [EDIT] just confirmed: Your partner's Pokemon will always be male, unless it's a species for which that's not possible. Even if they were female when you scouted their team, and you immediately quit out to play multis with them right away, the game doesn't remember that facet.
  6. Codes are now available on the PGL site for anyone who participated.
  7. You only need one, as either tool serves the same purpose.
  8. That is an encrypted save file, as it exists on your SD card where the game itself decrypts and reads it. PKHeX can't work with those files; you have to extract them to a decrypted form first, using a tool like Checkpoint or JKSM.
  9. I have friend safaris for all of Togepi, Tyrogue, and Riolu, so I went out and caught one of each from those. In all three cases, they ended up with 3 31s instead of the normal 2 that are guaranteed in FS. Assuming they were all configured to have just a 2 guarantee instead of the 3 from their egg group, the odds of ending up with at least 3 anyway are about 12% per trial, and already at three trials that's a 0.17% chance that it holds true all three times, as opposed to only getting them because of a 3 guarantee in the first place. It's not much trouble to get more samples, but how many more would you want?
  10. PKHeX works on your save file, which is going to be about 440KB. A filesize over 3GB implies that you're trying to feed it a (possibly pirated) full-game ROM file, which obviously isn't going to work.
  11. The trainer model shown in charge of a facility makes no functional difference. Dye shops actually offer three distinct shades of a color: "pastel", "dark", and "bright". You can use berries to dye the pastel or dark shades of any color, no matter what color the dye shop specializes in, but you can never use berries to dye a "bright" color: you can only buy that dye with festival coins, and only from a 5-star dye shop of the specific color you want. Switcheroo is another unique facility: your battle agency board will automatically refresh at midnight every day, or after you successfully complete a set of 3 battles there, but in case you get stuck with a crummy selection, Switcheroo also allows you to buy additional rerolls without waiting, a number of times per day equal to its star level (it maxes out at 3 stars). Battle Agency is by far the fastest way to earn FC, so being able to keep up the pace with that can only be good. General Store 5 allows you to buy a PP Up (labeled "Unusual Product") once per day for 200 FC; Pharmacy 3 lets you buy "Unusual Medicines A and B" (Max Revive and Ether respectively), less useful than PP Up but still not sold in marts. You can at least buy all those at the beaches using BP instead of FC, though. Rare Kitchen 5 sells several meals once per day subject to varying level caps, which are equivalent to Rare Candies except that they don't trigger new moves or evolution. They also sell two high-end meals per day that award 7 and 9 levels at once. Back in original SM (before the existence of Chansey chains), these kitchens were touted as an easy way to make the grind up toward 100--with a single Rare Kitchen, you could level one Pokemon up from 66 to 98 over the course of three days without having to take part in any battles; with two of them you could jump that gap in a single day. Rare Candies themselves are another item that you could theoretically buy with BP, but the FC equivalent is a lot more efficient. Lottery shops (along with haunted houses) are seeded in a particular way, such that the prize from playing them the first time is always the same depending on the actual facility type. Notoriously, the first play on a Treasure Hunt 2 will always be a Bottle Cap, and likewise for higher level Treasure Hunts except that it's more expensive to buy them, so you might as well stick to 2: it's a popular facility to put in your first slot, so find someone who has it, register them as a VIP, and go talk to them whenever you want to "buy" another bottle cap. The way buying facilities works, there's a cost penalty for buying another copy of a facility that you already have, so trying to buy a TH2 when you already have a TH2 (even if you're just going to overwrite it in the same slot to refresh the first-time flag, and never end up possessing two copies of it at once) costs 200 FC. Instead, you can make a two-step process of overwriting the TH2 with any 1-star facility from a random passerby (or getting a level up and using one of Sophocles's free facilities to replace it), then request the TH2 again now that you no longer have one, and the total cost will be either 150 or 100--a net discount. A lot of people reserve one slot in their plaza for storing a Treasure Hunt 2, and clobbering/rebuilding it as necessary to get back to the first-time prize. Other than that, Gold Rush 2 or higher will give a Big Nugget on the first play, which isn't normally very useful, but there was at least one niche for them in the past: one of the global missions in original SM asked you to win at lottery shops, but it only counted first-prize wins, nothing less. Since Gold Rush's Big Nugget is the #1 prize there, as opposed to Bottle Cap which is only prize #2 at Treasure Hunt, Gold Rush was the only way to guarantee a win that counted toward the total to get yourself into that mission. Big Dreams is the only type of lottery shop that does not offer either of its top two prizes (Rare Candy or Master Ball) as a first-time prize at any level, but levels 1 and 2 do offer Max Elixir, notable because there's no other reliable, repeatable source of those items in the entire game. Level 4 offers PP Up, and 5 offers PP Max, but it costs so much FC to buy those levels that repeatedly demolishing and rebuilding the facility for less is far less efficient than using General Store. Still, if you want to keep the slim chance open for winning an extra Master Ball, you don't really have any other option.
  12. Showdown doesn't allow these sets either: Raichu's analysis page itself notes that Surf + Encore is illegal, but fails to notice that Reflect was not retained as a TM even as Light Screen was added. The "bug" is entirely with them, not with PKHeX, and they have a place where you can point out these errors here.
  13. Battle Agency draws from the same pool of Pokemon as Battle Tree.
  14. Based on the dump of some battle videos, I can see that the Pokemon you selected for yourself (out of the three choices on the board) will have max happiness, and thus full-power Return. The Pokemon you select for your teammates, and that the opponents use, will have species-default happiness values: for all the Pokemon that actually use Return, this is 70 (28 power) except for Ambipom, who has 100 (40 power). There are no Pokemon in the pool that can know Frustration, so you don't have to worry about that.
  15. Bisharp is available at L33 as a direct wild encounter (its SOS calls are nothing but Pawniard, so it's not available with its HA at such a low level), and Pidgeot is available via Island Scan at L29 (again, obviously not HA-eligible).
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