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  • Pokemon XG: Next Gen v1.0.1 AVAILABLE NOW


    Pokemon XG: Next Gen has been released and is the world's first ever Pokemon XD:GoD hack!

    For more details and download link: Pokemon XG Main Thread

    Main Features:

    - Physical/Special Split

    - Gen VI type matchup chart including fairy type

    - New set of shadow pokemon and other obtainable pokemon

    - Moves and abilities from later generations

    - More challenging opponents


    Other features


    - Gen VI critical hit multiplier

    - TMs can be reused infinitely.

    - Move tutor moves can be learned infinitely and are all available from the start.

    - Decapitalised text

    - Increased chance of finding shinies (more in line with gen 7). Shadow pokemon can be shiny without the colosseum glitch

    - better AI

    Change Log:



    More items

    choice scarf, choice specs, pixie plate, focus sash, assault vest, life orb, eviolite (works with pokemon with gen 4 evolutions)

    New items

    • aura booster - powers a shadow pokemon's moves by 20%
    • aura filter - the wearer receives half damage from shadow moves
    • shadow armour - boosts the defense of a shadow pokemon by 50%

    More abilities

    no guard, magic bounce, sturdy, adaptability, multiscale, solar power, regenerator, snow warning, tough claws, sand force, bulletproof, fur coat,motor drive, storm drain, sap sipper, justified, skill link, download

    New abilities

    • pure heart - takes half damage from ghost, dark and shadow moves
    • amplifier - boosts the power of sound moves 33%

    New moves

    • psyshock, psystrike, feint, foul play, acrobatics, freeze dry, tailwind, trick room etc.
    • many new shadow moves (now 40+ in total)

    Obtainable pokemon

    • 25 pokemon per pokespot
    • new shadow pokemon (total 108)

    types changes

    • forretress and noctowl back to their original typings
    • misdreavus part fairy type


    • new title screen
    • fixed XG001 model

    New mechanics

    • TMs can now be used infinitely!
    • hurricane 100% accurate in rain
    • rock types 50% spdef boost in sand
    • opponents shadow pokemon can enter rage mode
    • rage mode boosts shadow pokemon's moves by 20%
    • I was going to make shadow sky boost shadow moves by 50% but it turns out this was already in XD, just nobody knew about it!

    Updated mechanics

    • shadow sky, rage mode and rough skin damage from 1/16 to 1/8 of max hp
    • paralysis halves speed instead of quarter
    • weather abilities no longer infinite
    • the next pokemon is sent out at the end of the turn instead of as soon as the previous one faints
    • lightning rod is now immune to electric moves and gives a sp.atk boost
    • facade negates burn attack reduction
    • Most people don't know this but in XD, shadow pokemon get a 50% speed boost. This has now been taken out.

    New features

    • battle bingo!

    General changes

    • put shadow monitor list in pokedex order
    • reverse mode renamed to rage mode
    • Chobin’s name was changed back
    • New Mt. Battle prizes
    • changed tutor moves and TMs


    - Eevee now evolves into Espeon and Umbreon using sun and moon stones respectively

    - All evolution stones are now for sale at the pyrite poke mart

    - The "lucky egg" quest after the first round of orre colosseum now gives a soul dew as the reward

    - The "shininess" of trainer pokemon is now predetermined unless they are shadow pokemon which still have a random chance of being shiny

    - Rare candies are for sale at an increased price from the herbalist

    - Decreased the chances of the rare encounters at pokespots


    User Feedback

    Recommended Comments

    awesome! is there a changelog of the shadow pokemon I could find, with abilities maybe? i played the hack on its first version and I loved it! Will give this one a run after exams.

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    17 minutes ago, god6 said:

    awesome! is there a changelog of the shadow pokemon I could find, with abilities maybe? i played the hack on its first version and I loved it! Will give this one a run after exams.

    I'll be uploading some  documentation in a few minutes ;)

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