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Pokemon Black and White Confirmed Pokemon Discussion Thread

Shining Mew2

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You can ONLY discuss and speculate about the new Pokemon revealed for Black and White. I shall update this thread as more new Pokemon are revealed.

Revealed Pokemon:

Zorua and Zororak. Zororak evolves from Zorua.



Black and White Starter Pokemon


Pokemon Black and White Mascot Pokemon: Reshiram and Zekrom


Reshiram Pokemon Black mascot Pokemon


Zekrom Pokemon White mascot Pokemon

Other Pokemon




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I can imagine the Grass starter evolving into a cool-looking viper (it is a Grass Snake afterall). The Fire starter I can see evolving into a hellish flame boar (assuming it does, it'd be my starter of choice). The Water starter... well, it's an otter. What the hell could an otter evolve into; a bigger otter? A polar bear? Who knows?

As for Zorua/Zoroark, I'm really awaiting more details on its Illusion Ability. If it works the way I think it does, then it could very well be borderline broken... or just plain broken, and thus be placed in the OU tier.

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No contest! The two mascot pokemon for black and white are super awesome! We can expect that these two will be some sort of god-like pokemon. but i was also wondering if they made it as an anti-god(devil) pokemon.

Zekrom looks some sort of a gargoyle and Reshiram looks somewhere near in gamefreak's new favorite design(the shape of cresselia and grass type starter Tsutaja)

Doesn't anyone agree?

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Zorua looks half "Kawaii-desu!" and the other half being it's little evil desires. Zoruark looks pretty rad.

Moving on to the starters, the grass one is the only one that appeals to me the most out of all of them. However, it is somewhat of a Treeko-spinoff. The fire one has a pig nose, A PIG NOSE! But it is better than the water starter. The water starter...it's overly designed. It looks like some shape someone came up with and just threw everything they could think of into it. I can see it evolving into a Snorlax knockoff already.

Reshiram and Zekrom look pretty pwn, but Zekrom pwns slightly more.

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Ok, what the hell. The new fire type is the ugliest thing I've ever seen. And that crocodile thing, as well as the horse/zebra/giraffe(?). The rest look fine, though.

What are you talking about? The croc's the best one. <3

And I actually kinda like the bizarre fire thing. I think its freakishly odd but I like fire types and it reminds me of Mushu from Mulan (so its like a Chinese dragon :D )

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Zekrom is now Dragon/Electric type=thus making last 2 week's(?) rumor true.

Reshiram is now Dragon/Fire type=that would be classic because commonly dragons has a fiery breath(at least on tv)

=killing Dragon/Dark & Dragon/Light speculation.

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