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  1. ive seen videos with darkrai to, thats why i wanna know whats wrong with it
  2. ok then not only darkrai is banned from that but mew, arceus, deoxys and some more, did anyone manage to upload a battle vid with it? im using it but dont have wifi at the moment
  3. well i guess darkrai cant be traded on negotiations but what about a battle vid?
  4. haven't tried a non-shiny one, can someone check it?(right now i dont have wifi) and i havent posted the clan yet if u want info on it pm me
  5. but what about the battle vids? its the only pokemon giving me problems in that >.<
  6. all the pokemon i have made work everywhere exept for a japanese haxorus i made(worked when i made it english) and this darkrai, idk whats wrong and i need it for a clan im gonna be in =/
  7. it works on the gts but not gts negotiations and also i cant upload battles in wich i use the darkrai
  8. idk whats wrong i made it just like i make other pokemo but still cant get it =/ i tried that and still it appears hacked in battle vids and in gts negotiations
  9. thanks i dont have wifi right now but the pokemon seems ok, but can you please chek it on gts negotiations or a battle vid please? ill chek it as soon as i get close to some wifi, thanks again
  10. I created a darkrai in my platinum and i am having trouble with him in my Black version, i can't post battles i use it in, i cant offer it in GTS Negotiations here is the PKM file please help its a Shiny Darkrai
  11. I made some pokemon including Suicune, Reshiram, Deoxys etc and they are all legit, exept for my Shiny Darkrai can someone please help?
  12. anyone please? I need that Darkrai for a clan im in
  13. I can't seem to get it to be legit, i made suicune and other legends and they work fine, but idk what's wrong with it, i made it for pokemon black, here is the pkm file please help, btw i want it to be SHINY
  14. Im looking for a male to female gender change code for pokemon Black also can someone make a code to change me name to RAZIEL? thx in advanced ps: i tried the one they have in the official code thread but it doesnt work for me
  15. Here they are, i noticed they all have attacks they shouldnt but after i delete them in the game they still appear ilegal, thx for the helpgarchomp.pkm metagross.pkm salamance.pkm
  16. I made 15 pokemon on PokeGen but these 3 pokemon dont appear legal since i can't upload them to gts or have random fights with them, can someone help me? idk whats wrong with them, i did the exact same thing as the other 12 pokemon that work, they are in box 1 slot 1, 2 and 3, its a garchomp, metagross and salamance. The Activation code is L+R. This is the Pokemon Black Code: 94000130 FCFF0000 0221BFAC EFBDE524 0221BFB0 450F0000 0221BFB4 24C24D88 0221BFB8 E422BDDB 0221BFBC B06B2AD2 0221BFC0 62FF2745 0221BFC4 975151E8 0221BFC8 44C28693 0221BFCC 26DF3373 0221BFD0 CA96154E 0221BFD4 6BBC5A5E 0221BFD8 4F187B1E 0221BFDC 137195B8 0221BFE0 42D61A7A 0221BFE4 ABF56AF6 0221BFE8 15317DD6 0221BFEC 878C0EFD 0221BFF0 B06341FF 0221BFF4 4D00D1C2 0221BFF8 F2781AB3 0221BFFC CCC3EA0E 0221C000 58F9E7FD 0221C004 8CCACCE6 0221C008 C394FCCC 0221C00C 4AF87690 0221C010 A7E5A773 0221C014 1545BA51 0221C018 1422125C 0221C01C 471D7B02 0221C020 5388E2BC 0221C024 15301DE5 0221C028 2E00BA01 0221C02C D559FF84 0221C030 C0D8FBB7 0221C034 806CD531 0221C038 88280000 0221C03C B4B7A06E 0221C040 D756330B 0221C044 1BD61DC6 0221C048 C2134736 0221C04C D36D84BA 0221C050 445FED3B 0221C054 11F432EC 0221C058 9B0E5ED6 0221C05C F5091909 0221C060 8A4DB690 0221C064 D4167609 0221C068 224CBF05 0221C06C DE75FF01 0221C070 49F72338 0221C074 0CEB932A 0221C078 5741419C 0221C07C DEA090AB 0221C080 DE17F283 0221C084 AA3FAE6A 0221C088 9B6E3201 0221C08C 7E724261 0221C090 3A9090FD 0221C094 A9CEE3A3 0221C098 0BDB5C46 0221C09C D8987EE9 0221C0A0 F037A297 0221C0A4 FB9E7BA7 0221C0A8 8FA124C7 0221C0AC 8B6ACEA4 0221C0B0 BFF9D02E 0221C0B4 AFF4F64B 0221C0B8 625DF9B9 0221C0BC 6AC156DA 0221C0C0 B0620000 0221C0C4 34D0826B 0221C0C8 C710F5ED 0221C0CC 7191B389 0221C0D0 8732C041 0221C0D4 5958C3BB 0221C0D8 9F8041E8 0221C0DC D5425ABE 0221C0E0 6FCD8C97 0221C0E4 816359B2 0221C0E8 D12250DF 0221C0EC EB4FE47C 0221C0F0 4B4BEC95 0221C0F4 BB05A86D 0221C0F8 AFDAAD75 0221C0FC 77890E54 0221C100 12E6CCEE 0221C104 CB2B2003 0221C108 86FBB105 0221C10C 5B5E1FAC 0221C110 691DFBD2 0221C114 00FABEE4 0221C118 32240010 0221C11C 56262C0C 0221C120 E533462B 0221C124 92541AEA 0221C128 E633C939 0221C12C FE3C0817 0221C130 53AF2698 0221C134 55773A31 0221C138 585EEB11 0221C13C 84DDECD0 0221C140 2EDD1378 D2000000 00000000 This is for pokemon White 94000130 FCFF0000 0221BFCC EFBDE524 0221BFD0 450F0000 0221BFD4 24C24D88 0221BFD8 E422BDDB 0221BFDC B06B2AD2 0221BFE0 62FF2745 0221BFE4 975151E8 0221BFE8 44C28693 0221BFEC 26DF3373 0221BFF0 CA96154E 0221BFF4 6BBC5A5E 0221BFF8 4F187B1E 0221BFFC 137195B8 0221C000 42D61A7A 0221C004 ABF56AF6 0221C008 15317DD6 0221C00C 878C0EFD 0221C010 B06341FF 0221C014 4D00D1C2 0221C018 F2781AB3 0221C01C CCC3EA0E 0221C020 58F9E7FD 0221C024 8CCACCE6 0221C028 C394FCCC 0221C02C 4AF87690 0221C030 A7E5A773 0221C034 1545BA51 0221C038 1422125C 0221C03C 471D7B02 0221C040 5388E2BC 0221C044 15301DE5 0221C048 2E00BA01 0221C04C D559FF84 0221C050 C0D8FBB7 0221C054 806CD531 0221C058 88280000 0221C05C B4B7A06E 0221C060 D756330B 0221C064 1BD61DC6 0221C068 C2134736 0221C06C D36D84BA 0221C070 445FED3B 0221C074 11F432EC 0221C078 9B0E5ED6 0221C07C F5091909 0221C080 8A4DB690 0221C084 D4167609 0221C088 224CBF05 0221C08C DE75FF01 0221C090 49F72338 0221C094 0CEB932A 0221C098 5741419C 0221C09C DEA090AB 0221C0A0 DE17F283 0221C0A4 AA3FAE6A 0221C0A8 9B6E3201 0221C0AC 7E724261 0221C0B0 3A9090FD 0221C0B4 A9CEE3A3 0221C0B8 0BDB5C46 0221C0BC D8987EE9 0221C0C0 F037A297 0221C0C4 FB9E7BA7 0221C0C8 8FA124C7 0221C0CC 8B6ACEA4 0221C0D0 BFF9D02E 0221C0D4 AFF4F64B 0221C0D8 625DF9B9 0221C0DC 6AC156DA 0221C0E0 B0620000 0221C0E4 34D0826B 0221C0E8 C710F5ED 0221C0EC 7191B389 0221C0F0 8732C041 0221C0F4 5958C3BB 0221C0F8 9F8041E8 0221C0FC D5425ABE 0221C100 6FCD8C97 0221C104 816359B2 0221C108 D12250DF 0221C10C EB4FE47C 0221C110 4B4BEC95 0221C114 BB05A86D 0221C118 AFDAAD75 0221C11C 77890E54 0221C120 12E6CCEE 0221C124 CB2B2003 0221C128 86FBB105 0221C12C 5B5E1FAC 0221C130 691DFBD2 0221C134 00FABEE4 0221C138 32240010 0221C13C 56262C0C 0221C140 E533462B 0221C144 92541AEA 0221C148 E633C939 0221C14C FE3C0817 0221C150 53AF2698 0221C154 55773A31 0221C158 585EEB11 0221C15C 84DDECD0 0221C160 2EDD1378 D2000000 00000000
  17. Awesome! thanks a thousand! now i can continue making some more pokemon =D
  18. I made a shiny Emboar but right now i dont have wifi to check if i can upload a fight to the internet to see if its legit, i was wondering if someone could help see if its legal or not, here is the code, its for pokemon BLACK, its shiny Emboar in box 1 slot 1. 94000130 FCFF0000 0221BFAC BF93A02D 0221BFB0 07680000 0221BFB4 6D2C2541 0221BFB8 5565AEBC 0221BFBC FAA89CD5 0221BFC0 E918704B 0221BFC4 4F49AC5A 0221BFC8 85E2CC12 0221BFCC 3439FE29 0221BFD0 C28BB5F9 0221BFD4 7B8CC9FB 0221BFD8 1366493D 0221BFDC D99F471B 0221BFE0 794C1E1E 0221BFE4 EAF88B05 0221BFE8 53CAB863 0221BFEC 05E7A922 0221BFF0 EA719589 0221BFF4 76B7512D 0221BFF8 BFC09D6A 0221BFFC C9B1B0D6 0221C000 39D4E4DB 0221C004 E6B0D1AF 0221C008 8F62CBBE 0221C00C B2925A19 0221C010 C3F27A7F 0221C014 BF4101B4 0221C018 64979690 0221C01C 1D127FAE 0221C020 9CADC88A 0221C024 2BF63029 0221C028 F08217C2 0221C02C 7697D460 0221C030 AD8E18C4 D2000000 00000000
  19. why does he have to be tiny? mew was awesome and celebi was ok but after those 2 the tiny legends kinda went down they kinda fixed shaymin with the sky form but another tiny cute sucky legend is kinda blah but i have to say the #000 thing is kinda intresting
  20. yea and thanks for the help ^^ BTW Grovyle91 awesome work
  21. i put L+R and i tried it but the guy doesnt appear i have to use 2 code so get both =/
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