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  1. ive seen videos with darkrai to, thats why i wanna know whats wrong with it
  2. ok then not only darkrai is banned from that but mew, arceus, deoxys and some more, did anyone manage to upload a battle vid with it? im using it but dont have wifi at the moment
  3. well i guess darkrai cant be traded on negotiations but what about a battle vid?
  4. haven't tried a non-shiny one, can someone check it?(right now i dont have wifi) and i havent posted the clan yet if u want info on it pm me
  5. but what about the battle vids? its the only pokemon giving me problems in that >.<
  6. all the pokemon i have made work everywhere exept for a japanese haxorus i made(worked when i made it english) and this darkrai, idk whats wrong and i need it for a clan im gonna be in =/
  7. it works on the gts but not gts negotiations and also i cant upload battles in wich i use the darkrai
  8. idk whats wrong i made it just like i make other pokemo but still cant get it =/ i tried that and still it appears hacked in battle vids and in gts negotiations
  9. thanks i dont have wifi right now but the pokemon seems ok, but can you please chek it on gts negotiations or a battle vid please? ill chek it as soon as i get close to some wifi, thanks again
  10. I created a darkrai in my platinum and i am having trouble with him in my Black version, i can't post battles i use it in, i cant offer it in GTS Negotiations here is the PKM file please help its a Shiny Darkrai
  11. I made some pokemon including Suicune, Reshiram, Deoxys etc and they are all legit, exept for my Shiny Darkrai can someone please help?
  12. anyone please? I need that Darkrai for a clan im in
  13. I can't seem to get it to be legit, i made suicune and other legends and they work fine, but idk what's wrong with it, i made it for pokemon black, here is the pkm file please help, btw i want it to be SHINY
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