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  1. I think (at least for me) you have to manually set them in the desired location each time you load them. (Same as pokesav)
  2. Favorite shows that are not an anime or from Japan is probably Community and Futurama. Some family Guy is ok, but otherwise it's fairly bad imo. But my other favorites are Ninja Warrior (Called Sasuke in Japan), Ghost in the Shell (Movie, and S.A.C.) and some others I'm forgetting. EDIT: Adding Gintama to my list.
  3. Granted, but now the person doesn't care enough to do abide by your wish. I wish I could find my old, old phone charger to get all my old contacts back.
  4. They ruined my Dark/Fighting type. I wanted a Fox/Wolfish Ninja-esque thing... No some dumb-looking lizard-y thing... (Lot's of Hyphens and forwardslashes used in this post) And as for the Dragon/Fighting I mentioned WAAAY back, I imaged it to look like Kojondo. (Kinda bipedal Chinese-style dragon)
  5. I'd like to see a Fire/Electric (or Elec/Fire (same difference)) Although it would have a crippling weakness to Ground, It would neutrally STAB any type save for Dragon. Special Attack would be fairly high, along with speed making it an effective, albeit fragile Special Sweeper. (Roles and stat speculations are based one the type averages.
  6. Dear darklord, It is my delight to inform you that you have won the "Ultra-Ban Super Sweepstakes"! Your prize is an "Perma-ban" to be delivered in 5-10 minutes..
  7. Liked them all really, but I'd say KH2. (1000 Heartless Battle and Groundshaker FTW!)
  8. Pokemon for sure. I wouldn't have played it for 14~15 years if it wasn't But, I'll play any of them if I'm in the mood to.
  9. *begins charging Orbital Super-Laser* I'm not taking any chances here.
  10. Tracy1969able, You are banned because it's 7:26 PM in Japan (@ the time of this post.)
  11. Hey, Ray. Although my username here isn't this, you cab call me Remnant (Currently used Username for everything). Have a good stay.
  12. Sorry, BOWSER EX, I'm afraid you have been banned for spreading lies and untruths.
  13. Pokemaster1237, You are banned for banning the person who banned me before I could. Scratch that, BOWSER EX, You are banned for cutting me off, and for having a Caps-locked username.
  14. Dear Tracy1969able, You are banned for using a stock avatar from the site. I will be willing to overlook this travesty if you rectify this mistake posthaste. Thank you, and have a brighter tomorrow.
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