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  1. OMG! I can picture the grandfather-clock Pokemon right now. Actually, I think it would be pretty badass if it's anywhere near as good (and cool) as Bronzong
  2. What are you talking about? The croc's the best one. <3 And I actually kinda like the bizarre fire thing. I think its freakishly odd but I like fire types and it reminds me of Mushu from Mulan (so its like a Chinese dragon )
  3. I'm actually leaning toward the possibility that this region is based off of China, or some part thereof. Reasons including the much greater amount of people, larger landmass, large separation from the other regions (but not ridiculously far away like the United States), and the similar, yet distinct look of the Pokemon, region, and culture presented in the screenshots we've seen. America just seems like too much of a stretch from Japan. The biggest reasons, though, were the obvious introduction of the yin/yang idea presented in the game titles themselves and the main legendaries, and that overlooked new fire type revealed today, Hihidaruma. It looks exactly like a Chinese dragon. Granted, since the cultures of Japan and China are closely intertwined, these ideas may have been pulled from the Japanese background, but the fact stands that they originated in China, which is why I'm thinking the new region is based off such. However, I don't think the new region is a cut-and-paste of a section of land that has been rotated a bit like the other regions (Kanto & Johto, Hoenn, Sinnoh). At least, I can't identify anywhere that it resembles in China, the United States, or Japan. Especially considering the proximity of mountains, ocean, and desert to each other.
  4. I need the following Mystery Gift event files: Member's card .pgt and .pcd TRU Shaymin .pgt TRU Darkrai .pgt Thanks
  5. I was under the impression that forum was only for actual Pokemon requests, not anything Pokemon-related. Sorry... >_>
  6. Where would I post to ask people if anyone has backups of .pgt and .pcd files from older events, since none seem to be available on here anymore and the eventdex seems to be light-years away? Because I keep trying to post and they either get deleted by the forum mods or locked because they "aren't in the right place". But I have no idea where to post asking for them then.
  7. I need: ~The .pgt and .pcd for the US TRU Darkrai from way back when ~The .pgt for the US TRU Shaymin ~The .pgt for the US Secret Key ~The .pgt and .pcd for the US Member's Card
  8. I am also curious to find out this question as well. Also, I have heard that if they are defeated, that they will "respawn" after the Elite Four are beaten with different IVs and natures. I was wondering if this only applies to the first time or any time that the player defeats the E4.
  9. Personally, I don't like Zoroark's design at all. I did figure it would be a fox though. Wasn't expecting a pre-evo, but the pre-evo's okay looking at least. What is with Zoroark's hair anyway?
  10. Thanks! And you added that to the archive, right Sabresite? It's the right one.
  11. Is there an American TRU Regigigas WonderCard available here? The only Regigigas looking even close is the one listed here under "English & Europe", but it's the one from the UK/Netherlands. The OT and ID and date received (on the card) are all different.
  12. I realize that the site is currently undergoing changes, so all the event wondercards are temporarily gone. In the meantime, does anyone have the wondercards for the TRU Darkrai, Regigigas, and Shaymin? (Esp. the Regigigas) It'd be great if you'd upload them. And they aren't in any of the "event contributions" threads since those were all started after these events had already passed.
  13. oraclelink


    I've been lurking around here for quite a while and felt like I should join and contribute if I can. (Actually, I thought I had made an account a long time ago and tried to login with it but apparently I never did... lol, bad memory on my part) So hey!
  14. I know that the older Platinum carts have the weird saving issue, but I got mine replaced and I guess the issue was fixed (oddly enough) because it had a 512k save instead of the 256k one. (Thank goodness all I had to do was force my save back-up of my previous cart into a 512k save with Pokesav) Anyway, that's not an issue, is it? I think it's just mirroring the structure of the DP saves. Oh, and the newer carts are set to actually display in the GTS what Trainers with Pokemon on the GTS are asking for in return, unlike the older carts which lacked that information.
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