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  1. Why do you have to wait? And how are you going to transfer them?
  2. Can someone fill me in, are Pokemon XY action replay codes being worked on? Are they not possible? I dont know how to hack a games source code or anything like that but is there anything I can do to help with findingthe same kind of codes we had with Black and White 2?
  3. Just wanted to share that the All TM and All HM codes are not working on Black 2.
  4. thank you Demonic!! Hate to be a pain, but can someone post a "100% Catch Rate" code? what I'm looking for is a code that will make every pokeball act like a Master Ball. is that really diffucult to do? :\ I hope not. thank you guys again you're all awesome for helping us out.
  5. hey everyone I can see you guys are already doing a great job with coming up with codes for BW2. I have been looking all over but it is probably too early but can someone possibly make the "Catch Any Pokemon" code that was made for Black/White using the Master Ball in Slot 1 (Pokemon's hex #) and Ultra Ball in slot 2 (wild pokemon's level)? It was an incredibly efficient code. thanks again for all your hard work you guys are awesome.
  6. hey guys forgive me if this has been asked already, but do we have a working b/w pokemon modifier similiar to the one in hg/ss where we'd alter the # of master balls and ultra balls to find the pokemon in the wild?? I'm really looking forward to that code. . Thanks
  7. hell yes to that! I used to love gamesharkin'.
  8. I voted 126-150, I'd love to see some new ones Hoping they do a complete new generation. Gen 5!!
  9. hey guys, I'm really sorry to have to post asking for this, I've spent the last 2 hours searching this site, this thread, and the internet. I'm looking for a working "HM moves are erasable" code for AR (SoulSilver if that matters). I have one that doesn't seem to work. I'll post the one I have below. If it's a matter of button-pressing to enable please let me know. Thank you again to anyone that can help!! this is what I have now for a code... 92077AC4 00002001 12077AC4 00002000 D2000000 00000000
  10. does anyone know when the corocoro scans come out each week? which day I mean. I keep hearing "pokemon sunday" but it seems like I see new things on saturdays rather than sundays.
  11. central park? are theyre screenshots of it yet? I've only seen the corocoro scans so far.
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