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Pokemon Black and White Confirmed Pokemon Discussion Thread

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I don't know the full deal with the monkeys but I do know that they will be featured in the first gym battle and the one you fight switches depending on the starter you picked, kinda like how your rival always picked the one that was strongest against your pokemon

Pick fire --> fight water monkey

Pick water --> fight grass monkey

Pick grass --> fight fire monkey

that's what i read recently at least.

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Uh oh... I truly give up with Pokemon if this is how it turned out. Also...

HP - Atk - Def - SpA - SpDef - Speed

Grass's final:

75 - 75 - 95 - 75 - 95 - 113

A defensive grass? Okay, I was expecting speedster, and it is indeed the fastest of the three, but still slower than Sceptile. But 75/95/95 with a bad defensive typing... I don't know how long this guy will last. But maybe it has the moves, such as Leech Seed, to be a murderous Subseeder. Who knows? I still like Sceptile way better. But so far... I'm not impressed much. They could have done a bit better with the stat arrangement... I mean, really? I think even Blastoise is bulkier than this (79/100/105)... meh I don't even need to think. But fast "tank"... meh I don't know. If it has a boosting offensive move like Swords Dance or Tail Glow, that would be really nice... but then again, it has nothing to offer that Sceptile doesn't then (aside from Tail Glow/Nasty Plot or even Growth... IF it gets it).

Fire/Fighting's final:

110 -123 - 65 - 100 - 65 - 65

Okay... another Fire/Fighting? Will they stop with that? On another note, it's not quite the Hariyama, but it has the biggest HP of all starters. But speed of 65? Yikes! Still faster than Swampert and Empoleon and Torterra, btw. But again, it has a higher Attack power than Blaziken. Seriously now? And those low defenses and high HP means more investment for defenses than its HP. A defensive Fire/Fighter... let's see how it goes. But in the meantime, I'm disappointed that it turned out to be another Fire/Fighting. They cannot run out of ideas THAT much, can they?

Water's final:

95 - 100 - 85 - 108 - 70 - 70

Whoo! Speed 70! Finally something above speed 60 for a water starter... oh wait. Blastoise and Feraligatr have speed of 78. Whoops. And there they go again. Water type starter discrimination. Slow as heck, quite bulky, but still gets 2HKOd by its weaknesses. Unfair! SpA of 108 to be lower than Charizard/Typhlosion's 109... and all that unnecessary attack stat. Ugh. Meh, it could make a useful mix attacker, but with a speed like that? There are plenty of other waters that can do that job better... like Floatzel. I guess its bulk is all right... 95/85/70 is all right but not quite the Swampert. I hope its movepool is more expansive, like give it an electric move or something? That horn looks like it can fire electric moves. And another thing... if the pre-evos get access to let's say, Ice Punch or anything indicative of bipedal Pokemon, how will this guy pull it off? If they just deny it altogether... I guess that would be... NOT COOL. This guy had better not outclass Empoleon.

I'm being a little unfair right now because I don't know what any of these Pokemon learn and only assuming what they do by their stats. But who knows what they can do?

The Pokemon metagame will be RUINED, I tell you, RUINED!

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I am quite impress with Mijumaru's Final Evolution, but I swore I seen a Fakemon of that Pokemon. On a side-note, he looks like a pure Digimon to me.

If he actually is real, then I will choose Mijumaru for sure.

Hmm, Mijumaru's Final Evolution looks like he can use Thunder from his horn like Rhydon. Maybe even use Horn Drill like Seaking. Kinda looks like Dialga in a way...

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