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Ooh, the trainer is especially pretty. (:

Some of mine;

90rkeq.jpg Pseudo Eevee OC

2q23a5f.jpg eeveelution mash-up with different color schemes

2ak9yis.jpg Persian/Luxray

29pakpe.jpg Zoroark sprite made from a pixel-over of the first released picture

10s6tdu.jpg raptor Grovyle

f52hxs.jpg Vaporeon/Milotic with webbed paws

xpxxxy.jpg Lugia/Seadra

vglsx.jpg Weavile/Luxray

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I wish I knew how to sprite pokemon. I know how to recolor them but spriting just isn't my talent :( Anyways if someone knows a video then could you please tell me a pokemon spriting tut.? Heres a trainer someone else made but I did some recoloring.

BTW I did the background and recently just added the Project Pokemon Emblem.348n57n.png

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