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  1. kay.. it works now, that was weird... Edit: Wow, he's got some really good tools for editing Gen 2 Roms.
  2. Thanks... I did look hard, you don't have to get up me because I asked for a little help, geez. Edit: Thanks evandixon
  3. Hey, trawling the internetz with mah eyes and google, I was trying to find a save editor. filb.de used to have heaps of ROM editors but I can't find those in case there was a save editor too. I did find one however it doesn't work with my emerald save. It was written in spanish or german or something so I don't understand the error. If someone knows where an editor is, that would be great if you could tell me, thanks
  4. Le bump. Did anyone ever research a bit more into this? And could I have that thing you worked on Poryhack, if you still have it that is?
  5. I got a shiny Gravelar in Emerald and then I got a shiny Bagon. I almost shat myself.
  6. I found this too but I wanted one where I could change items in all the pockets. That's all I wanted it for and I was a a bit dissapointed when I found out I couldn't change the key items pocket If anyone happens to find one that does this could you let me know please? Thanks
  7. Hay, I spent a few hours trawling the interwebs to try and find any Gen 2 ROM editors. I wasn't able to find any. If someone has found one, could i haz linky please? Thanks
  8. Ooh, really? Sounds good. I'd test it but a super scribblenauts rom broke my ds so, sorry, I can't test it.
  9. I don't know where the others are and I can't make you one because of personal reasons.
  10. Hey guys, like Toffeuy, I won't be on PP for the holidays. However mine are for 8 weeks, sorry.
  11. As I said, that would still be good to download error-free, pure .pgt and.pcd files.
  12. Before people start trashing my post, I did not read all of the posts I don't think it should be banned, however I DO think it should be made a clause. So Stealth Rock/those type of moves clause. Yeah.
  13. I meant that they didn't release it for Diamond and Pearl. Sorry for the misunderstanding/confusion.
  14. I was talking about a program that acts like it was the Wi-Fi server distributing the wondercards or a distribution ROM to send them directly to the DS, but a program like that would be really good for getting pure, unmodified .pcd and .pgt files to add to the Event Collection thread. Again, I would love to try it out during development so it works in other countries, not just the U.S.
  15. If you do end up starting to program a client, I don't mind doing testing during development, if it works by putting in the DNS address like HyperGTS works, then I don't mind at all.
  16. NOTE ABOUT WHEN YOU ARE CONNECTING. If you did it right or if you want to download from Bond697's GTS server, this is what you should do/will happen: 1. When you connect to your private GTS server, it should come up with an error message. That is fine. 2. Go back to the Wi-Fi settings in the game after you have saved. (Soft reset to get there quickly. L+R+Start+Select.) 3. Go back to the DNS settings and change it to auto-obtain. Save settings and soft-reset. 4. Log in to the normal GTS, exit, save, soft-reset, CHANGE your DNS settings back to what you had it on before you Logged into the normal GTS. 5. Go to the GTS and talk to the lady at the counter, Save and go inside. 6. Now when you go INSIDE the GTS, a text box will say: "Checking GTS' status or something like that. After a while, you will get your Pokemon. However, after you receive it, when you would normally go to the GTS menu, you get an error screen and it takes you back to the title menu. This is perfectly normal. 7. The Pokemon should now be in the first available slot in your PC.
  17. And I'm guessing either Nintendo aren't releasing the event in English countries or they haven't released a date for it yet... I'm basing this off the fact that they didn't release a Darkrai or Shamin event for people living in English-speaking countries.
  18. Splittah


    Roosterteeth recently added a 'Caboosims' poster to their store which has some quotes on it that Caboose has said such as: My challenge to you is to post your favorite 'Caboosisms' of all time which includes ones that aren't on the poster. So go back to redvsblue.com and rewatch your favorite episodes! Just post your favorite 'Caboosism' with these tags around it. [noparse] [/noparse]
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