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  1. That's right I just got informed that Pokemon Black and White are going to be coming to a mall near you! Here I'll tell you the times that there will be and the locations. February 12th & 13th - Westfield Santa Anita, Arcadia, CA / Castleton Square, Indianapolis, IN February 26th & 27th - Town Center at Aurora, Aurora, CO / Franklin Mills, Philadelphia, PA March 5th & 6th - Mall of America®, Bloomington, MN / Westfield Garden State Plaza*, Paramus, NJ March 12th & 13th - Grapevine Mills, Grapevine, TX / Discover Mills, Lawrenceville, GA March 19th & 20th - Arizona Mill
  2. I'm waiting for the English game to come out. If I do it in a Japanese Language or in a ROM it would ruin the whole game.
  3. Can I have my sig it was like 1 or 2 pages back.
  4. PokeHacker here are some of the starter names. Ideas -------------------------- Amethyst PokeDex Blair (Fire-Type PKMN) (Starter) #1 Blaze (Fire/Ground-Type PKMN) #2 Blazor (Fire/Ground-Type PKMN) #3 Snarey (Grass-Type PKMN) (Starter) #4 (IDK) (Grass-Type PKMN) #5 (IDK) (Grass/Ground-Typer PKMN) #6 Pipie (Water-Type PKMN) (Starter) #7 (IDK) (Water/Ground-Type PKMN) #8 (IDK) (Water/Ground-Type PKMN) #9 NVM it look like you have the pokemon names done so I'll just do the storyline.
  5. Hi and welcome to the Project Pokemon Forums. I hope you have a good time here.
  6. I'm going to get Pokemon: White I would rather go to White Forest than Black City. And anyways i'm going to get Zekrom.
  7. Oh thank you sir! I'll be thinking of some names! (Have some already) and the storyline. Thats what I was born for.
  8. Hello i'm wondering if there is a faster way of adding codes on a Action Replay DSi. Please if anyone knows if there is please tel lme quickly because i'm to lazy to add those pokemon codes and stuff so plaz tell me a shorter way. Bye!
  9. So is that a yes to both? Cuz i'm so excited!
  10. Hey everyone it's me Pokemon Gamer and this thread is for requesting Pokemon AR Codes to help you! 've had a lot of experience at searching AR codes but I don't make them so don't go asking "Can you make a AR code for x999,999 Master Balls?". These are the rules to this thread Rules _______________ -No asking to make codes -No asking for an other AR codes _______________ I also accept requests for AR code for Pokemon Black Version and Pokemon White Version. ~Pokemon Gamer Also it may take long to get your AR codes becuase i'm really busy these days.
  11. Well thats an easy one. I'm trying Fire Red. If I could get some good helpers I would try Pokemon Diamond/Pearl but usually FireRed/LeafGreen are the best to use I think.
  12. Hello everyone it's me Pokemon Gamer asking for your help. I've been inspired by so many people I can't say their names theres so many so I have decided to make my own Pokemon ROM hack. I've been downloading som stuff deleting some stuff, but what I need some help with is that i'm using Advance Map 1.92 and EliteMap and tried some roms but everytime I try nothing works. I'm hoping that some user will know how to fix this or tell me a link to a ROM download so I can edit it (If it's editable) or if some other user uses a different program they can tell me the link to theres. I know I have mush
  13. Well i'm talking about hacks that are GBA you know like Pokemon Garnet Version well like the ones made here are GBA ROM hacks so yeah thanks for telling me about the VBA-M
  14. RenegadeShroom is now banned Reason: For banning darklord for mispelling and just because hes above me >
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