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  1. Not sure if this goes here, but.. I have a homebrewed 3DS, on firmware 10.1.0-34. I can battle online just fine, and using crt-httpwn I've even managed to access bank. However, I get the 006-0501 error whenever I try to upload or download battle videos. Is there any way to fix this?
  2. Is there any way to convert the .pgf files to .pkm files that I could send via a gts server to my game? If not, does anybody have the file for the event shiny Hydreigon, or possibly the pokemon itself that they'd be willing to give away?
  3. I should make some tutorials showing some tricks of the trade for MS Paint and spriting in general, if you'd like. Now to keep semi-on topic: avatar=latest sprite art. (Arctica the Sneasel - chao form)
  4. I mainly use MS Paint for spriting. I downloaded GIMP, but I'm no pro. And yes, supposedly GIMP is more advanced than MS Paint, but from my experience there isn't much more that one can do over the other in the way of spriting. Except maybe transparencies and the optional sprite animations.
  5. Flygon sprites I made for a little project of mine: What art programs do you use? I might be able to help you.
  6. Could someone please help me? I can offer any of the 13th movie shinies in return. (Suicune Entei Raikou)
  7. I PM'd you two days ago and still have not heard back. Is there anyone willing to help me? If so, please PM me.
  8. Ooh, the trainer is especially pretty. (: Some of mine; Pseudo Eevee OC eeveelution mash-up with different color schemes Persian/Luxray Zoroark sprite made from a pixel-over of the first released picture raptor Grovyle Vaporeon/Milotic with webbed paws Lugia/Seadra Weavile/Luxray
  9. Could I please trade a pokemon from my SS to someone with an AR/Pokesav so that they may find my SID? I got m,y Pearl SID a while ago, but now I need my Soul Silver SID as well.
  10. Could someone please help find my SID. I don't have any shiny pokemon that weren't chained on my Pearl, and I also don't have either an Action Replay or Pokesav. Please help.
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