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Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon Datamining


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1 hour ago, ShiningCrobat said:

So exciting! Any idea what the island scan Pokemon are?

Found this image earlier today, have yet to verify it myself though:
Never mind lol, I must be blind or something. :| Thank you @wrathsoffire76 for correcting me and for giving the real scans.

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24 minutes ago, Scried said:

Found this image earlier today, have yet to verify it myself though:

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That's for Sun and Moon, not Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon

1 hour ago, ShiningCrobat said:

So exciting! Any idea what the island scan Pokemon are?

Here are all of the Island Scan Pokémon (No locations or days yet)


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13 minutes ago, QualityNerdContent said:

Accelgor get water shuriken? What?!?

I am positive it had that since ORAS.

On another note, there seems to be what I believe four new tutor moves, though most are carried along from ORAS. Most notably, Defog returns, so this would be very useful for many Pokemon. Liquidation is also another good move tutor, as for those that depended on Waterfall for their physical water attacks can go for the -Def effect it offers, along with it being slightly stronger. Azumarill, which was pretty slow to abuse waterfall's flinch chance to begin with, could probably use it for better wallbreaking capabilities, for example.

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The Tapus being still shiny-locked is sort of a disappointment, but I guess it's understandable story-wise. Still no excuse to shiny lock Zygarde or Magearna. Not like I care that much about them, though, since the regular Zygarde looks way better to me, and Magearna looks exactly the same unless it's original color.

Still glad the UBs and past gen legends can be shiny. Time to get neat stuff on Beast Balls!

16 hours ago, wrathsoffire76 said:


Yes! Even though Pidgey line isn't in the Alola Dex, I'm sold with them being legitimately obtainable in Beast Balls!

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Melemele: Charmander, Squirtle, Onix, Horsea, Scatterbug, Bulbasaur, Litwick
Akala: Ralts, Spheal, Combusken, Honedge, Beedrill, Grovyle, Marshtomp
Ula'ula: Rhyhorn, Swinub, Prinplup, Grotle, Pidgeot, Monferno, Axew
Poni: Eelektross, Aggron, Rotom, Leavanny, Chesnaught, Greninja, Delphox
Pokemon listed here start on Sunday and end on Saturday.

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Spoilers ahead:
Z Crystals


Tide Song Hotel (Akala Island), 3F, 1st Left room from the Elevator:
Guy gives ya Snorlium Z, Mewnium Z, Marshadium Z, if you bring the respective Pokemon.

Lycanium Z - Given by Hau after defeating him the first time on Ula'ula Island.

Mimikyunium Z - ?
Solgalium Z - ?
Lunalium Z - ?
Ultra Necrozium - ?

Pikashunium Z - When you bring a Cap Pikachu to a Pikachu to the most right hand corner of the Pikachu Valley, that overworld Pikachu will bestow it to you.
Pikanium Z - change to outside Grand Hano Resort, given by a movie star pikachu relaxing with his bodyguard.

Alola Raichunium z - appears to be no change from SM
Eeveenium Z - appears to be no change from SM
Starters Z - appears to be no change from SM

Shiny Locked stuff (that I've found so far):


All Totem & Totem Gifts
Surfing Pikachu
My first Yanmega (found in Ultra Space Wilds)
1st Rattata right after receiving starter. Every other wild encounter (even if you have no ball) can be shiny.
1st Grubbin right after Kukui's catching tutorial. (The one in the tutorial also locked)
Frillish attacking Swimmer, right outside Abandoned Thifty Store (trial site)

Gift Pokemon


Ultra Beast Poipole given to you, after defeating UItra Necrozma in main story.

A Pikachu with Surf will be given to you by the surfer's association at Heahea City (right of PMC), after you become top surfer in all surfing spots.


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