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  1. I've noticed the ones with a box legend on other holes had like this aurora borealis effect on it. The instructions of going for the brighter and prettier rings are really vague.
  2. Either Guzzlord requires lots of patience and time to get to in the wormholes or you need something for it. Do I need like every UB in the game in my party?
  3. Could it possibly be some odd flags that don't "match up" because of discrepancies? I remember Shiny Jirachis from Pokemon Colloseum's bonus disc not working until an event Jirachi showed up.
  4. Do we have all the possible QR Codes for Poke Scan?
  5. There's a guy who wants a Phantump for Phantump in, I believe, Tapu Village Pokemon Center
  6. I don't know if this is really the place for it but Where do I get the keystone for Mega Evolution? Is the Nat Dex in the game? If so where do I get it?
  7. Some things I'd like to report on when it comes to the bugs When you have a Pokémon with an ability like speed boost, if they get intimidated, both Pokémon have the buffed up stat graphic instead. Some Pokémon can't learn moves they should either have learned that generation or in future generations. Metang can't learn Ice Punch, but there is one in the Battle Square in Pyrite Town that has it. The Pokémon Silvia/Lovrina have will appear in the Battle Memo as their nicknames if you encounter them there first. Some complaints I'm sure you've gotten this quite a lot but I don't like the fact that some character names changed, as well as the writing for Lovrina/Silvia. The TM and move tutor selection seem a little weak. Why have Graveler as a Pokémon you can catch when the other 3 Trade Evo Kanto Pokémon are shadows? Final words It's a great hack, and I can't wait for the Battle Sims to be fixed. I'd love to help on that front if you need any ideas or anything.
  8. I'm not sure where to put this so I thought this would be the best place. I'm trying to use Pokemon I made with the Load Code exploit with the web browser, however most (if not all) are unable to go into the Battle Spot, and now I'm checking if they're able to be put on GTS to see which ones aren't correct. It seems, however, that all of them CAN go through the GTS. I do not know what I am doing wrong so I have some questions to ask. 1. Do the encryption constants need to be rerolled? Can they stay at 0 to be a place holder? Can 0 be used for the ID too? 2. Can the SID be the same number you make as long as it's the same OT and ID Number? 3. Do the Memory and Amie need to be filled in? I'm not used to PKHex and don't know what goes in here. 4. Does residence need to be filled in? 5. Is there a "legit checker" that is out to show if I did anything wrong? Thanks in advance.
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