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  1. Well, I was definitely getting confused. Data for pokedens seems correct and equivalent to the plugin's code. As for Kaphotic's data its very possible I'm reading it incorrectly, but the data has been interpreted elsewhere. Besides, since this thread confirmed things for me, I've been able to find HA Nincada & HA Trapinch
  2. For reference, I was using 'https://pokedens.github.io/' which is clearly incorrect. However, using Kaphotic's pastebin data, it appears Shield can have Hidden Ability Flygon, but not Sword. Likewise, it is indeed not possible for Shedinja to have its hidden ability in this games, confirming that. Are you aware of any other pokemon which can have their hidden ability flag enabled in Sword/Shield which has no effect? Is there a full, correct data set out there, after all a lot of data on said pastebin marks Hiddens I've never found. Edit: Looking at the src of the plugin you mentioned, I'm seeing what I believe to be HA capabilities (HA marked as 4) in the tables, which implies available, including Shedinja. Is it potentially a seed related issue?
  3. I've heard mention of Hidden Ability Trapinch being available via a Flygon with the HA Flag set, even though it does not have a hidden ability. Is the hidden ability flag set for arbitary pokemon in raids where the flag is possible? For example, would the flag be set for Vikavolt, or Hydregion? And most importantly, can it be set on Shedinja, who's prevolutions have a hidden ability, but not itself.
  4. Adding to this, other additional statistics, such as chance to call SOS help? Not on the personal info entries.
  5. I've seen posts, etc about encountering wild pokemon whilst playing ultra space minigame. Is it possible to extract this list? Guessing it'll fill some if not all gaps.
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