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  1. Well, I was definitely getting confused. Data for pokedens seems correct and equivalent to the plugin's code. As for Kaphotic's data its very possible I'm reading it incorrectly, but the data has been interpreted elsewhere. Besides, since this thread confirmed things for me, I've been able to find HA Nincada & HA Trapinch
  2. For reference, I was using 'https://pokedens.github.io/' which is clearly incorrect. However, using Kaphotic's pastebin data, it appears Shield can have Hidden Ability Flygon, but not Sword. Likewise, it is indeed not possible for Shedinja to have its hidden ability in this games, confirming that. Are you aware of any other pokemon which can have their hidden ability flag enabled in Sword/Shield which has no effect? Is there a full, correct data set out there, after all a lot of data on said pastebin marks Hiddens I've never found. Edit: Looking at the src of the plugin you mentioned, I'm seeing what I believe to be HA capabilities (HA marked as 4) in the tables, which implies available, including Shedinja. Is it potentially a seed related issue?
  3. I've heard mention of Hidden Ability Trapinch being available via a Flygon with the HA Flag set, even though it does not have a hidden ability. Is the hidden ability flag set for arbitary pokemon in raids where the flag is possible? For example, would the flag be set for Vikavolt, or Hydregion? And most importantly, can it be set on Shedinja, who's prevolutions have a hidden ability, but not itself.
  4. I've just noticed someone else reported this further down. Sorry!
  5. I've attached one example of an XD legality issue, where pokemon taken from Miror B are not listed as viable encounters. I would assume this applies to all Miror B pokemon as they can be caught at different location than their original intended one - such as the pokespots and areas with colosseums. 299 - NOSEPASS - 2F9CE1A93F87.xk3
  6. I've been having trouble with entering values into the 'level' fields and the ESV field within the Database screen of PKHEX. Level equality always works for 0, which then shows all results, same with any number larger than 100, and I can find the rejection case for >100 in the code. But any other value does not yield a result. A brief look at running the code in Debug Mode shows that the 'stat' fields are not initialised during this process, all being set the 0, and explaining why level 0 works in this scenario. As for ESV, whatever value I enter shows every possible egg in the listing. This, plus another quick look at the code implies the issue here is not entering the filtering mechanism for ESV and as such nothing is ever filltered. Note this is using the outer default fields, and not using the PSV entry for the Advanced Search. Am I doing this wrong in some way? Or is this legitimately a bug?
  7. Adding to this, other additional statistics, such as chance to call SOS help? Not on the personal info entries.
  8. I've seen posts, etc about encountering wild pokemon whilst playing ultra space minigame. Is it possible to extract this list? Guessing it'll fill some if not all gaps.
  9. Also quoting this message to highlight my response to this at the time regarding issues with this functionality.
  10. It isn't a slow load, but does load many clones and it isn't unusual with several saves that it comes up with 150000 files from a combined save, which if I copy/store would be mostly cleared out with clones, so perhaps the unique part does not work well. The option to not include in search results allows backing up to still happen without showing the pokes in the listing. Similarly to how 'Show Boxes' and 'Show Database' are options - just having one for 'Backup Database'
  11. When I use PKHex, the backup directory is included in the search results. This counts them as part of the database and cannot be disabled. My quick fix was to just move the bak directory so it could not find backups, but since then of course there are no backups, and I would like there to be. Could a feature be added such that bak files are not accounted for, by default? This would improve processing time. Of course, for some it is prefable so maybe a configurable option to have so it doesn't need to be changed for the parties who like it the way it is now at each startup.
  12. Thanks for this! This has helped a lot already! However, it does have a couple of issues with it. If you have any additional commands after 'IdentifierContains' these are ignored. If the commands are before this, then it works fine. Similarly, the 'not' operator does not work with this command.
  13. [Suggestion] I've been trying to organise my PKHex collection to support finding pokemon I've stored in certain folders. Current workaround is moving the folders Im not currently looking in out the way. Correct me if this is already a feature, but I am unable to find this. It does appear to relate to the PKM field 'Identifier' but I am unable to work out how to search for this. Presumably, the two parts needed for this are: 1) Not just an equal, or not equal, in the search, but also a 'like' or a 'wildcard', e.g. I search for files in pkmdb where the folder contains 'Favourites', respresented as either %Favourites% or *Favourites*, or being represented with an alternative 'command character (rather than ! or =) 2) Having a field within the files that allows for the position to be searched for. This position comes up when clicking 'Create Data Report'. This may already work with the above mention of the identifier field, but without the 'like' case, this may not be functional.
  14. A simple way to search for the Gen 7 TID of a pokemon. To the standard user this is all you can see when you look at a poke in the game when it was caught in Generation 7 games. When you have a large collection, it becomes impossible to search through by a trainer ID.
  15. 1) Encounter type error with PID: Whilst I dont understand what the error would mean, this applies to several events from Gen 3/4 and as such, including pokes obtained from the Pokewalker. 2) When 'transferring' a pk4 file to pk7, the PIC changes from 0000000C to 8000000C. Is this intentional? Something certainly seems wrong here. 3) Loading up an egg in pkhex, at least in generation 4, will set all 'NULL' values to eggs as actual values (eg met time to basically 0). As such, if you then hatch this egg in your game it will keep this and this should not happen. As such, they should remain blank and untouched. 4) Probably intentional, but 'Encounter Type PID mismatch' applies to all Cute Charm glitch caught pokemon, and several non shinies found through this method with extremely low PIDs. Presumbly, because this is a glitch, this is intentional behaviour for PkHEX. 5) Pokemon transferred from Generation 3 with 'Artist' ribbon obtained through contest related stuff marks as invalid. 6) Minor: Focus is lost when trying to select text on the pkmdb Advanced Filter and hovering over the pokemon listed. 7) Full filename for file not shown when viewing in pkmdb mode. As such difficult to work out which file is which without full field visible. More is shown by having Advanced Filter on, but still not the whole line. Should be visible. 8) Enums in advanced searches should also be searchable by their given names which PkHex displays, e.g. Pokewalker as an encounter location for HGSS pokemon which has I think its 232 as it's enum value. This data is already displayed through the viewing screen. This already applies to the names of Pokeballs when searching for that.
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