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The Official Art Competition Submission Thread

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Project Pokémon needs some new branding art, specifically a banner and a square logo, so we're holding an art competition. Here's how it works:

  • Participants will submit art in this thread from now until October 13.
  • Members will have 2 weeks to vote for the best submission. Members must have at least approved 50 posts in order to vote, as of the close of the voting period.
  • The winner will be awarded a colored username here and on Discord, as well as a forum badge. Additionally, credit will be provided wherever the image is used.

Submission Criteria:

  • Images should be PNG files. Additionally submitting project files (Photoshop, Gimp, etc.) is requested, but not required.
  • Images should prominately display the text "Project Pokémon"
  • Banners should include the text "Pokémon Through Innovation"
  • Banners should be approximately 1000 pixels wide and 200 pixels high. Larger images are acceptable (and preferable) as long as the aspect ratio is the same (5 wide:1 high), and text is readable when resized to 1000x200.
  • Logos should be approximately 250x250 pixels. Larger images are acceptable (and preferable) as long as the aspect ratio is 1:1.
  • Content features original drawings and background; plagiarism not accepted
  • You may place your name/username in the corner of each image so long as it does not draw undue attention to itself
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@Got_Eevees then again it's not like the images I post are drawn by me; those are just layers pasted together.

(I also like the images you drawn from the earlier chapters of Pokemon Adventures; I loved the earlier volumes of it)


@evandixon as for art competition criteria, should the Pokemon design be original?

what I meant is, it's pose is at least not fully based on official or unofficial art?

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2 hours ago, BlackShark said:

Has a Pokemon to be in the banner/logo? I'm more a fan of neutral designs so I made a banner without one. I hope that's ok too.

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Yes, that Ball was inspired by the forum's current background xD

Maybe the design is to simple. But criticism is welcome!

No need for Pokémon to be present.

Good work!

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Early bird gets the worm.

I was thinking of doing a design similar to the one we have but more ...artsy,you know? Vibrant.

But it includes Ho-oh and Lugia. I was going to base my design off of the top of every page(the PP logo w/the legends).


I hate copying and want to make it clear I had this idea a while ago. Is it still acceptable if I turn this in w/Lugia and Ho-oh? I'm asking because @wrathsoffire76 made a design w/these legends and wouldn't want to make it if he or you would be uncomfortable with it.


:) Great job. BTW, You guys will probably crush me. >.< I'll try my best,though..

Hard work triumphs through. Hopefully. xD

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