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Under Level Collection


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2 hours ago, wrathsoffire76 said:

I've made a new updated zip file because I forgot when I made the last one.

Under Leveled.zip

I wish I could use that. I have to cross-reference Jojo's list with my own and all the files people uploaded so I can make sure mine is up to date and correct. 

This is the Fuego Ironworks Marmortar from Platinum. We already had Jojo donate the Magmar so I caught this to have both. 

On the off chance anybody wants to contribute alt-route mons, I caught the 3 Poliwhirl's from route 22 in FR/LG. I evolved one with a water stone but I don't currently have a method to extract gen 3 saves so I can't contribute them yet. 


467 - MAGMORTAR - 83F916CE2C3D.pk4

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The D/P Pokeradar Kirlia can be found in routes 203 and 204. Gallede should be listed as an evolution as well. Same goes for the Route 210/211 Machoke and their Machamp evo's and the Platinum Sedra to Kingdra. 

The Great Marsh DS Arbok requires Fire Red, is an 8% encounter. 

Edit: Arbok.

024 - ARBOK - 64B959D370F5.pk4

Edit 2: Level 20 Golbat/21 Crobat in Mt Coronet

Level 20 Whiscash in Mt Coronet (Caught)

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Here's a dump of what I've been working on. Some are just alt-route mons. Download what you want. 

Route 210 N - Machoke and Machamp

Mt.Coronet Whishcash, Golbat and Crobat. Level 21 Dragonair. The level 20 is for trade, if you have something good. It's a 1 in 720 fishing encounter. 

Old Chateau - Platinum Gengar

Orbergh Gate - Crobat

Victory Road - Platinum Rhyperior

Lost Tower - DP Crobat

Lost Tower - Platinum Golbat and Crobat. Golbat is level 21 and Crobat is 22. Since Golbat evolves at level 22 normally, I'm still considering Crobat underleveled. It's not really an alt-route version of the same Pokemon but alt game. Do what you please, download it or don't. I decided to go for it regardless. 


A lot of these are just evolved versions of Pokemon we have, I prefer to have un-cloned copies for my personal collection. (un-cloned as in I don't want the same Plat Victory Road Rhyperior to be a clone of Rhydon.)

042 - GOLBAT - 731B1D5C665E.pk4

042 - GOLBAT - D92328690932.pk4

067 - MACHOKE - 547C70095018.pk4

068 - MACHAMP - 56B06D99F9F7.pk4

094 - GENGAR - E312A37E4B9E.pk4

148 - DRAGONAIR - 3EE300802C6A.pk4

169 - CROBAT - 77AC6B7E895F.pk4

169 - CROBAT - 7391CFEC3A8C.pk4

169 - CROBAT - BA2B2F0319AF.pk4

340 - WHISCASH - 50D1E019D5D7.pk4

464 - RHYPERIOR - 91BCB6692CAB.pk4

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Sendoff spring and Turnback cave Pokemon. 

Level 20 surfing Golduck

Level 16 Dusclops and Dusknoir

Level 17-18 Golbat/Crobat.

042 - GOLBAT - 4423817430D0.pk4

055 - GOLDUCK - 1CB450384B01.pk4

169 - TooManyBAL - 0462D831B7B1.pk4

356 - DUSCLOPS - 4FF598954A6C.pk4

477 - DUSKNOIR - 3C93D9C520A0.pk4


Can somebody get me a download for these?

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Ok here's all the underleved I've seen so far:

lv3 Pidgeot/Pidgeotto Sky encounters Routes 11 ...**
LV33 Rapidash route 17
lv17 Raticate route 9 lv13 Raticate Route 11
lv18 Dragonair route 10
lv3 Fearow sky encounter route 10*
lv7 Tentacruel Route 4*
lv13 Dugtrio diglett tunnel
lv18 Golbat rock tunnel
lv18 Graveler rock tunnel
lv3 Butterfree(pika)/Beedrill(evo) viridian forest**
lv41 Rhydon Victory Road

Comment if I forgot some.

6 are 'exclusive' to Let's GO if GoPark doesn't count!


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10 hours ago, Schnell said:

Cheer up @jojo12100. If there are PokeBank limitations, or no compatibility at all, it will preserve the existing collection. There's been no confirmation of the service that I can find. Fingers crossed!



In my opinion GoPark is actually the second worst 'thing' of Pokemon history after the lack of compatibility between gen 2 and 3.

Deoxys event in Ranger3 was also a shame, Mew events in VC and in Let's Go too but it was nothing compare to that.

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Got almost all except flying ones (Pidgeot/Fearow/Charizard/Dragonite) and Beedrill (Let's Go Eevee exclusive).

Don't use lures to hunt them it'll increase the wild level encounter which is clearly not what you want!

If you find any method I take, it's almost impossible to get the Dragonite and Charizard without one.


Plus, if someone started a collection of GO underleved and want to make it public I have some.

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Ok here's the method for rare spawns (Charizard/Dragonite but not Pidgeot):

-after the league revive an Aerodactyl

-on route 2 catch 10 pidgey in a row

-ride then your Aerodactyl

-Dragonite an Charizard will often appear, you have 1,88% to find the lv3.


Unfortunately it doesn't work for the Pidgeot and it took me 4 hours to get it!


Also found a lv9 Poliwhirl near Bill's house, the method is kinda weird and cool, all you have to do is to wait the game generating wild pokemon because the pound is very small and there's no Sweet Scent in the game.


Should have to cross check again for new ones maybe.

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Also found:

-lv3 Poliwhirl Route 22 Surf

-lv11 Seaking Route 6 Surf

-lv37 Muk Power Plant Let's Go Pikachu only


I have noticed 2 things if someone wants to start Go underleved quest: Pokemon will be lv1 if PC is under 19 for most of them and it'll be easier with a new account.

Nobody interested?


Edit: Will update the spreadsheet soon.

Edit 2: Updated for Let's GO underleved. Go Underleved will come later!

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Finished Go Underleved listing. Actually there is 77 to collect! I only have 6.

You can help us to collect them.

I gave the best method to be sure they will be at lv1 but if PC<19 for almost all of them (except Pidgey, Magikarp, Rattata and few others) they have a chance too.

Massive outbreak (Go Events) are the easiest way to find them for the rarest.

As few have already their Switch hacked for the moment if you want to contribute post a screenshoot of the Pokemon for the moment in Let's Go.


Edit: Some "cheating" app in smartphone can let you see if your Pokemon in GO is lvl1 or not.

Edit2: Don't hunt weather boosted Pokemon, you won't find lv1.

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