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  1. Hi @jojo12100, I left the franchise after Gen3's incompatibility with Gen2, but came back for Gen5. Have a break and you might come back. I found 5 Underleveled Pokemon post-game outside of the Wild Area. Wish I'd known as well before progressing through the game. Corviknight Route 7, Drapion Route 8, Jellicent Route 9, Wailord Route 9, Vanilluxe Route 10. Is there more on your list outside of the Wild Area?
  2. Cheer up @jojo12100. If there are PokeBank limitations, or no compatibility at all, it will preserve the existing collection. There's been no confirmation of the service that I can find. Fingers crossed!
  3. Thank you @jojo12100 and @theSLAYER
  4. That's cool. Any chance of adding species numbers? Please?
  5. It would be interesting to know how many of these are accidental, as opposed to intentional. For example, the level 9 Salamance in Gen7 makes sense with the story of Bagon learning to fly, but the level 20 Leavanny I just caught in Gen5 from the hidden grotto fails to transfer to PokeBank. Anyone else encountered any legitimacy errors?
  6. Great job with that Graveler! Both Serebii and Bulbapedia claim level 19 Swadloon can be found in Lostlorn Forest B/W. If that is correct it's missing from the list.
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