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Under Level Collection


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I recently obtained these Lv 1s, to prepare for trade, evolution and Go Parking

also, I'm considering doing this, as the research breakthroughs containing the birds will be one of the best time:

On 12/7/2018 at 3:01 PM, CryHaddock said:

You have to get an account to exactly level 10 with either the dex entry for Articuno, or a massive amount of stardust that I'm not even sure is possible to get without exceeding level 10.  Then you'd need it to build 30-90 days of friendship with the Articuno donating account.
Prior to being traded, the Articuno will be at least level 15 - but when the new account receives it it will always downgrade this level to either 10 or 12.  (It's either your trainer level, or your trainer level plus 2 and I'm not totally sure).
You could then port your very small Articuno to Let's Go where I'm sure it will fall foul of some legitimacy checker because it's such a convoluted and unlikely thing to do

I'm probably not doing all the birds tho; doubt I can focus on that many low level accounts.
It's mentally draining to try to keep the account below lv 10, and receive a gift daily, so that it's just nice lv 10 when ready to trade..

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8 hours ago, jojo12100 said:

Got lv1 Nidoking today.

One less to get.


Actually, if I'm correct we're only looking for 22:






-Golbat (*2 if possible)

-Gloom (*2 if possible)








-Kanto Graveler

-Kanto Golem


-Kanto Muk





Does this take into account the stuff I obtained (previous post).

Stuff like Arbok isn't there, but Tentacruel (I got Tentacool for that) and Jigglypuff is.

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I only got few: Jynx, Charmeleon, Charizard, Metapod, Butterfree, Ivysaur, Venusaur, Wartortle, Tortank, Pikachu, Hypno, Dragonair, Dragonite, Primeape, Alolan Raticate, Kanto Raticate, Kanto Persian, Machamp and Nidoking.

For pokemon you got but didn't transfer yet I'd love to include the G inside O icon but can't find it for the moment and the spreasheet has crashed. Any idea for the icon?

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On 12/10/2018 at 11:45 AM, jojo12100 said:

@theSLAYER The list is updated. If only there could have nest of Hitmonchan I think it's the rarest we still have to find. Gengar and Golem can be hard to get too.

gengar and golem just need to evolve gastly and geodude, and those nest.

As for Hitmonchan, I set aside a Lv 1 account. If I see a Hitmonchan spawn, I will swap to the level 1 account to catch it.

edit: I got Koffing, Doduo and Weedle (for Kakuna) AND Beedrill. Next is Gastly.
Also, shouldn't Ditto be on the list? It could only be bred in Gen 2, and those eggs hatch at Lv 5, not 1. (Also, I submitted it)

edit again: Got a Lv 1 Abra and Gastly :)
edit yet again: Having difficulties with Bellsprout and Oddish. It's always either Grass or Poison weather boosted -.-
and edit yet again: Got an Oddish. An earlier post of mine says I have bellsprout. Just need to find which account that's on.
Also damn, Geodude no longer nests.

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On 12/12/2018 at 10:23 AM, jojo12100 said:

Never heard of it, is it really possible? I tried on my gold save on VBA it didn't work.

I recall being able to get a Ditto egg in Gen 2, tho I might be mistaken.

Regardless, a level 1 Ditto wasn’t possible until now.

also, having difficulties with Geodude and Hitmonchan. I nabbed another bellsprout for good measure.

13-dec edit:

with the releases of PvP, it appears that doing battles gives stardust and friendship level, without giving EXP.

This might be a good way to keep and maintain your account at lv10, and useful for grinding up stardust for trade. This is useful for obtaining underlevelled raid bosses and research breakthroughs (such as legendary birds)
@jojo12100 @CryHaddock

Trading a raid boss Alolan Raichu to a lv 10 account kept the level at 20.
Based on that, I would think that trading over legendary birds won't drop their level to lv 10.
(and for the record, I'm certain that on the lv10 account, I transferred the one I got from trade, not the one I got from raid)

This is the file in question, I can provide screenshots if necessary.

026-01 - Raichu - lv20 - 07.11.04, Move1 206, Move2 251 (CP 1210).gp1

Does the level only drop if it's too high? Maybe 20 isn't sufficient enough to warrant a drop?

edit again:
Interesting, it appears the min Level Cap is 20.
I traded over a Geodude with CP100X, and it got reduced to 20.
074-01 - Geodude - lv20 - 05.14.01, Move1 227, Move2 63 (CP 671).gp1


Screenshots on my end, if other end needed I'll upload them.

Alolan Raichu didn't get the ! notification

Alolan Geodude DID get the notification.
However as you can see, the CP only dropped to level 20 range.


====and edit yet again====
Now that the account is lv10, here are some of the Pokemon:
Arbok, Nidorino, Venomoth, Machoke, Slowbro, Muk, Haunter, Weezing, Rhydon, Seadra, Seaking (is this missing from the list?)

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13 minutes ago, jojo12100 said:

As exepected Kanto Geodude and Hitmonchan are every hard to find.

Don't know if the level caps during trade are due to the new update.

Didn't get any new since you don't already have.

Will update the list.

yeah. Sadly I chanced upon a Hitmonchan (that spawned due to Lure on Pokestop), so it despawned as I switched accounts.
(I noticed that spawns from Lures on Pokestop don't last long)

I didn't know the level cap changed too, at least this proves it.
Questions is whether it's intended behaviour; would it change back or is this the new norm.
In any case, I'm gonna try to get at least one legendary bird from research breakthrough on either one of the 3 low level accounts I'm in contact with. If possible, I wanna get an Alolan Marowak (or maybe somehow evolve a Cubone on those accounts)

Thanks for updating the list!
[Also, is there a reason Seaking is missing from the list?]

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17 hours ago, jojo12100 said:

I already got it before and I forgot it in the list, that's all ^^

Then no worries about it><
BTW I provided Seadra in the previous pak, but you listed it as the GO icon, instead of ball

edit: Got an extra Gastly, so here's a Gengar
094 - Gengar - lv1 - 06.10.04, Move1 264, Move2 90 (CP 37).gp1

and a Gloom
044 - Gloom - lv1 - 14.15.05, Move1 225, Move2 47 (CP 22).gp1

and a Weepinbell
070 - Weepinbell - lv1 - 07.15.04, Move1 271, Move2 118 (CP 21).gp1

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Found a hitmonchan, but my Lv 2 account is showing it's CP as ???
If anyone got a Lv 1 account, now would be a good time to let me know

edit: no worries, somehow managed to get one.
I found a place that has Geodude, but they are all presently weather boosted (been so for more than 12 hours).

I might get lucky when the weather changes, but they may stop spawning. So it's a hard balancing trick.

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1 minute ago, jojo12100 said:

Good luck. Did you check the Hitmonchan level. Because CP ??? appeared too today for me against a Raid Lugia that I never caught and failed to.

I just got one at CP 30 (Lv 1), phew. Was afraid it'll despawn before I can finish checking it.

I finally got Cresselia for myself yesterday, and got a Shiny Ho-Oh today. It's been good.
Now just need a shiny Misdreavus XD

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The ??? mechanic is hard to understand, it's definitely not just 'this Pokemon has a higher level than your account'.  I've repeatedly gotten ??? on level one Pokemon that had high CP

It might be 'this Pokemon has a higher CP than anything you have caught' or something uncessarily complicated as Pogo is wont to do

I've never actually tried out the 'trade a Pokemon to a level 10 account' idea so it could be that it never actually worked that way and my information was incomplete.

What I have done, and was basing my assumption on was trading things from level 40 accounts to accounts at say, level 20 or 30, which definitely did reduce the level for the recipient.
Maybe it only rounds things down if the starting level was above 20 or something along those lines.

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2 hours ago, CryHaddock said:

Is the listing for underlevelled Seadra in Pokemon Let's Go accurate?
This list has it at level 13 in Route 11, but Serebii has Seadra at minimum level *31* on all the routes it's on.
Just wanted to check if it's a typo before hunting it

It's not a typo, it's something I discovered thanks to the Pokedex. Serebii had a lot of errors in its list, I already sent them a tweet to correct it.

I'll contribute when the Switch will be hacked with the last version almost all of Let's Go underleved ecept the Beedrill which I cannot have.

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I’ve read the people previously got lv 12 pokemon, so at least it either used to work like that, or the mechanic is about what you own.

I could get another account to lv 10 which doesn’t already have a lv 20 mon, and try it.

I think the highest level it has is 15, from research breakthrough. If it drops any trades to lv 15, it would confirm your theory on “the cap is the highest level you own”

edit: I misunderstood the ??? As trading mechanic drop, where you guys were referring to wild ???.

from my experience, wild ??? were always higher than my level. The only reason why it was lower for some of my mons (after capture), was that I checked it’s cp but didn’t catch it before the weather changed. 

??? Has always been my level or higher, which is why stuff I see on lv 1 is ???, cause it’s at my level.

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