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Pokemon Sun/Moon v1.2 Released


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(Pokemon Sun/Moon covers 1)

Pokémon Sun and Moon have been updated to version 1.2, coming with the following fixes 2:

  • Pokémon being unable to attack and switch when Sky Drop is used and when knocked out by damage done by Spiky Shield.
  • A glitch in Poké Pelago when entering a new month.
  • A rare case where the game ends after using an Evolution item as the last item in your Bag.
  • Scatterbug sometimes not learning Egg Moves.
  • Eggs sometimes being able to be given items.
  • A glitch ending the tournament when pre-registered for an online Friendly Competition (e.g. entry gets canceled or the Battle Teams get unlocked).

Existing battle videos will be unusable after the update, which is required for online play. It is unknown whether another ban wave is coming, but as always, we encourage you to avoid major save file edits when going online.


  1. Pokémon Sun and Moon Official Website
  2. Pokémon Global Link

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Wow this game is either very unstable or they are discovering the bugs now. I worked so hard to record some nice battle videos for Battle Tree back in 1.0 and then come 1.1 the patch breaks every single one of my battle videos. I was upset about that, so I actually do not know if I should even touch battle videos again in this series. Nothing of that sort happened in XY.

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2 hours ago, ReignOfComputer said:

Updated on one of my 3DS, no problem. Did you have any patches for the game set up?

Oh, that must be the problem, I do have the IPS thing that lets you inject from PKHeX using QR Scan. Gonna test right now xD


Yep, that was the problem ... I hope siresMC updates his wondeful patch :P

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47 minutes ago, adamsmith1790 said:


If we have a console on Luma is it risky to do the update? Thank you

You can update your game into v1.2 but if you have the sciresM patch that allows you to inject pkmn using the QR Scanner, the game will crash; you have to remove the patch.

Also, the update is mandatory in order to use any of the online features (trade, online battle, etc.)

33 minutes ago, Amateraven said:

I just have the 11.2 update so I'm not sure if it's save to update to 1.2 on cartridge 

If you have Luma and a9lx installed in your console, its safe to update. My game crashed because I was using the sciresM's patch. I disabled it and my game is working ( I just can't use the QR Scanner to inject pkmn until sciresM updates his beautiful patch )

~Sorry for my bad engrish xD

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