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  1. Hi, I just disable the WiFi spot pass and even disable the option "Show your friends what you are playing". Do you think I can do an online fight against a friend tomorrow and do vgc?
  2. Thank you for your reply. And yes no problem I could do the update.
  3. If we have a console on Luma is it risky to do the update? Thank you
  4. I allow myself a little up if you could give me a notice on my backup, I'm really afraid of making a mistake. Thank you in advance main
  5. On this backup is what the Porygon2 is valid for you? thank's you main
  6. If I understand correctly, I have to (TID/SID/OT) ? Can I put anyone?
  7. He chose the strict rules. But is that the Pokémon seems to be well generated?
  8. Hi I am writing to you because I have a problem with porygon2. I generated an porygon2 which is legit according to pkhex. So I get to play with online fight duo ranked. But when I wanted to play with friends when checking the team it was deemed invalid. Do you have an explanation ? I put a screenshot of the pkhex Thank's you. (sorry for my english)
  9. Thank you for your help I forgot to check the fact that it was an egg. thank you
  10. Hi I want to apologize if my message is in the wrong forum, I do not master English, I am French is for that. With the many bans on the PGL I try to pay attention to the pokemon that I generate. I use Showdown to check if the team is legit for the 2017 vgc format, but I encounter a problem with Cloyster and the attack "rock blast" and krokrible and attack "fire fang" which are not legit on the pkhex while According showndown my team is valid, my question is whether I believe in Showdown or Pkhex? I hope you understand me I put 30min to write this message ^^ Need your help thanks
  11. If you want I can share my backup in order to see the errors produced and not to do, knowing that I am ban ..
  12. I think that this is due to having received a badly generated koko shiny tapu, because if I understood correctly as long as one respects the validity of the pokémon thanks to PKhex there is No problem, right? Excuse my approximate English I am French.
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