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  1. Not possible until Magearna exist on some game that supports Home Besides that, with the new Home tracker we can’t have some Pokémon that you only get through Home without tracker and can’t everyone have the same tracker And don’t know if we can leave the tracker just blank like every other Pokémon
  2. Is there a way to get the Dynamax Pokémon on Sordward & Shielbert story like the Totems on Gen 7?
  3. Should my post also go there because of the original Ditto I caught was on Wild Area Den or not?
  4. About your Diggersby. As Joe Merrick himself told many times on Twitter if you are on some area and with A weather and the go on the nearby area with B weather it can make for a while I think some specific Pokémon to appear there as well. Check the weather locations as you say to see if this what happened. If it’s that probably PKHex just needs some legality checks updates that as I’m aware of there needs some. And that’s why I made my post
  5. Yes why, not. Plus what @theSLAYER said about the glitch
  6. Hello and Happy New Year to everyone. As this is my first edit on SW/SH games I don't have the experience yet and because it's a Ditto not only for me but for some friends also I want someone to check if everything is ok. Context: I got a Ditto from the Den and one JPN Wobbufet from wonder trade on my main game (clean game & Switch). Then trade them on my second game on a different Switch that have Atmosphere and such. Got them on PKHex and then copied the Wobbufet OT and everything on the Ditto so I make it a JPN one with everything else I want it. then clone it some times for natures and stuff. I have and the clean one Ditto also on the game for anyone to check. If someone can check if it's ok. Yes the PKHex says it's ok but I want a second opinion main [George (SW) - 2019-12-31 19ː25].bak
  7. Sorry for the late response, hope you didn't actually stopped. I don't see it as stupid, as you say the snapped moves simple don't work because for example Unown are not in the game but when Gen 4 remakes come out Unown are in and so Hidden Power. When I posted this I didn't have the full picture so now I agree with you that are now necessary as if I have a Unown on Home they will have the Hidden Power and it will work on next game. As for the Go lvl 1 mons yes its something that I already have considered myself Hope to see you around. Don't stop just because of Dexit
  8. @jojo12100 should we make a collection with Pokemon with the snapped moves?
  9. So we can breed them easily to make legal HA Alolan starters with the IV's we want and everything. Right?
  10. Living on Greece, going to get it in few minutes mine Edit: Pictures added, in Greece we can get a Code via a Facebook app on Nintendo's Distributor page
  11. Is it so? I want to be 101% sure that every mon that I have to my collection that is not obtainable under normal circumstance is as much legal can be. That's why I do trades from one game to another before my main game. I don't care for what people say or I don't do game sync it's just my thing. Some type of OCD
  12. Yes that was my first thought the problem is about the nickname check tab that prevent's the trade and PKHex gets it as Illegal Propably it doesent recognises the kanji? So if I do some drag n drop the pk1 file on a ENG PAL Blue VC it needs to uncheck it. The question is what will happen if I trade such thing on Pokebank and Gen 7? a Pokemon with JPN and ENG name or JPN and JPN name? Edit: here some images first one is before I do the uncheck, its a Bulbasaur as I've got it, without any touch from me the second one is after I did the unckeck My question is if this Pokemon and every other one like some others I got from threads around here if I transfer them on Gen 7 will be something like the Tapu Koko on this thread with JPN mark and English name or both JPN or both ENG
  13. So I have a VC Pokemon Green version (Midori JPN) and I want to trade some Pokemon to another Gen 1 VC game like Blue or Yellow and then use poketransfer to Pokebank and Gen 7 games. I did my first try with a lvl 5 starter untouched Bulbasaur but I had problem and the recepsionist didn't allowed me to make a trade, I thought it was a problem because of the JPN VC game with a PAL VC one so I just drag the Bulbasaur file with PKHex on the VC Blue one without a legality check. I tried again and failed again with the same message. So I thought lets check this buddy Bulbasaur out on PKHex and then I found that the nickname tab had a check but without a nickname, uncheck it and PKHex told me it was legal. So went back on my game and I was ready to finally trade the buddy over so I can get him on Pokebank and then I found out that after the uncheck on nickname tab JPN Bulbasaur got his English name as Bulbasaur and not some kanji Went with some other JPN pk1 files that I got from some threads here and they have the same problem. My question is does this have any legality issue if transfer on Gen 7? Does they got their JPN name back or not? And should they be with JPN and not with ENG?
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