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SM - Magearna [JPN] [Sun/Moon]


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I already tested the sub-region thing a while ago. Luma3ds spoofing doesn't affect sub-region for gathered pokemon, a japanese emunand does.

The save game subregion data seems to be used elsewhere, when generating pokemon it's read from the 3DS, ans since with luma sub-region isn't spoofed, it will produce illegal pokemon. But still makes the job to get the wondercard.

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There's another way around it.

1. Use pkhex to change the subsequent of the game save

2. Drag wondercard to left side of pkhex, to generate a pk6 with the correct region and sub region.

This skips in game collection.

By the same logic, you may collect in-game, then fix subregion data with PKhex to a valid one for JAP region (or any other). I don't think there are any other differences.

I personally prefer to get the pokemon without any external modification, that's why I went to the trouble of setting up a JAP emunand for japanesse events.

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46 A9 D7 41 CB A2 AB A2 34 08 46 1A C1 68 B3 22 71 99 C1 5F FA 27 84 66 2F E1 69 45 9D DC 24 09 AE 08 FA 30 2A 6E 70 26 05 1C 83 78 D0 98 98 50 00 28 02 1F E2 1B 1A 81 65 C9 91 87 79 BA 14 05 97 E0 3E D3 EA F2 FD 82 C0 26 B1 7E 6B B0 D1 C4 BC 6C E0 6E 9F AC 2E 5D CD D4 02 59 83 DE 57 C6 7C A5 04 F4 B4 50 50 00 00 00 00 00





Not long enough to be a Wondercard (unless they really trimmed down the size).

Sorry for the noob question in advance.

But do I scan that QR code when the Sun/Moon game is released and get Magearna in the game once I scanned it?

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Just tried the QR code on my JN3DS in Moon, says 'This QR Code cannot be scanned until you've become the champion'

EDIT: Pictures of the QR function instructions added.


This is NOT a mystery gift option, it's an in game option in your menu that essentially adds the location and preliminary dex info from what I can tell in the options info.

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Haven't gotten to the part where you can scan QR Codes.

But from the code of the game, the event checks if Savedata::QRReaderSaveData:: Data+0x170 is set to 0xCBE05F18356504AC

and checks if EventFlag 3100 is set, and flag 3487 is unset, so:

3100 = IsMagearnaActive

3487 = IsMagearnaCaptured

So it should be easy to activate the event on any system with pkhex.

Note: QR Encryption is the same as save signing, so memecrypto.

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I'm speedrunning the game, will check out the QR on my Japanese console when done. I'll see if I can get NTR to work again for me and change region and see what comes up


I've finished the main story and scanned the code. It also mentions about getting to 100 points to show a Pokemon's location and go catch it? With each scan being 20 points, as well as the ability to store 6 QR codes (could be wrong forgot to photograph that)


Had to upload to imgur because of file size limits and iPhone pictures being quite large in file size

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This isn't the thread to ask for save files. However setting the offset to Sun time on a Moon save and importing should be fine

that's only true if its transferred before crucial save points.

The moment you and lillie receive one flute, the story will stop progressing. Not sure if this is the same for Looker's quest in post game.

[i bypassed this issue by transferring my save before receiving the flute. The story progressed all the way..]

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Guest nikolai131

Is it just me or maybe my version of PkHEX gen7 is outdated, but I can't use any QR codes whatsoever (including Magearna)?? It works perfectly fine in gen6

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Europe is going to get the Magearna QR Code distributed via the Pokemon TV App on December 6.

A special QR Code is also planned for distribution via the Pokémon TV app from 6 December in Europe. Once scanned in the game, the code enables players to obtain the Mythical Pokémon Magearna.

Source: http://pokemon.gamespress.com/release.asp?i=2273&lang=en&region=United+Kingdom

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