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  1. I've been watching this topic for quite a while now and I wish I could help towards it this hack sounds great but has been progressing so slowly
  2. I don't know if it's important now but I got banned on Moon. Genned mons, Full Dex using PKHeX and 990 of every item and berry including unlreased items and Mega Stones. May also be worth noting I uploaded a Gen 1 Mew to the GTS
  3. Hi, I'm looking for a Main of Moon that has beaten the Elite 4, I don't care about the trainer name or anything as long as the save doesn't have a Game Sync ID. Thanks in advance.
  4. Hi, I've been playing Moon myself and I recently finished the main story, with a lack of resources on the games at this time I was wondering about the following: 1- How do you obtain Type:null? 2- How do you obtain Cosmog? 3- Can you get the National dex? 4- How does Pikachu change forms? If anyone has any information on these it will be very much appreciated
  5. Has it been discovered how you can get Cosmog yet? I want a second Lunala
  6. Omg this is useful I recently corrupted my save attempting glitches now I can backup my save
  7. It's on one of the first posts on the thread for the modified version. Its the installer, it installs software and drivers at the same time. It was also helpful for me as I got Cyber Save Editor 2 and it didn't come with a disc
  8. Ah, I was discussing a while ago if it was possible to force reroll PIDs to force shinyness
  9. Nice work dude, this was discussed a few weeks ago and it's nice to see someone has done it, I'm interested in finding out why eggs don't work. Is it due to the fact it doesn't force a shiny PID for eggs yet or is it more complicated than that?
  10. I believe it would work but I don't think it would update on screen until you exit the screen and go back to the wondercard screen, most RAM edits don't take effect until you change what's on the screen due to how it puts things into memory
  11. Force rerolling the PID could work, I don't see how you could initiate a battle when it's at a correct PID for the shiny though, maybe some kind of cheat to input a PID for the next pokemon could work for a shiny, a bit like in the older games using a cheat to insert a RNG seed
  12. There isn't really that many cheat codes for Pokemon games yet, give it time. Gateway's cheat engine is still relatively new and codes are still being created
  13. Hm, this is interesting, I might do a RAM dump of the Mew event, if I can get my hands on a JP one I'll also contribute the event, if not I'll use Gateway's region changer to use another European one
  14. Nintendo has also stopped online play if you're not fully updated too, this is something introduced as of yesterday
  15. 1. Do you use both Powersaves and Powerplay? Save backups are stored in different folders, the file location is usually something like C:\\User\Documents\Powersaves or C:\\User\Documents\Powerplay. Check if there's any .bin files in there, those are your backups. 2. Also using Powersaves you can't use another persons save file as each game card has a unique encryption between the cart and the save, if you want to insert a save using homebrew I'd be happy to give you a modified version of my Omega Ruby or X save (The actual version the save file came from doesn't matter if it's from ORAS for ORAS or XY for XY)
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