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  1. I have an old copy of Japanese Sapphire with a movie preorder Jirachi on it, I was wondering if you guys have this event as I can't see it on the list and if this particular one I have is legit. Would appreciate any help in finding out here's the save file POKEMON_SAPP_AXPJ00.sav
  2. I've been testing a bunch of things to see what flags a ban, and from my knowledge the only thing on that save was the nicknamed shiny Koko
  3. I know it's not the biggest of things but nicknamed event pokemon pass as legal in PKHeX, and I know it's technically possible with RNG but Global Link still bans save files with nicknamed event pokemon used online (I used a nicknamed shiny Koko event). Is there any way to implement some kind of warning to nicknamed event pokemon?
  4. Do you guys need a Celebii code? I have an extra one
  5. It's probably me being blind and it doesn't matter too much but I was wondering why I've been removed from the credits for contributing the Se Jun Pachirisu event that was given away at UK Nationals in 2015 in the gen 6 events? I was credited back then for contributing it and I still have the original wondercard
  6. I was wondering if you guys needed an example code for the Lycanrock like the last event from GAME, I've got several codes to share
  7. According to Joe Merrick (Serebii) The shiny Tapu Koko event is nature locked to Timid. Is someone able to confirm this? Source: UK and Ireland VGC group
  8. I've been watching this topic for quite a while now and I wish I could help towards it this hack sounds great but has been progressing so slowly
  9. I have a code and can send an image of the serial code if needed, it's on a receipt from GAME though not on a code card like in the US if that matters
  10. I don't know if it's important now but I got banned on Moon. Genned mons, Full Dex using PKHeX and 990 of every item and berry including unlreased items and Mega Stones. May also be worth noting I uploaded a Gen 1 Mew to the GTS
  11. Hi, I'm looking for a Main of Moon that has beaten the Elite 4, I don't care about the trainer name or anything as long as the save doesn't have a Game Sync ID. Thanks in advance.
  12. I recently got homebrew on my 3ds with the VC games, I was wondering where the gen 1 VC Mew event was contributed so I could add it to my save?
  13. I think you have to be on a Japanese console, I scanned the QR on a Japanese game and console and it didn't work on my EU versions
  14. Thanks for letting me know about that, will have to get that on my English copy
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