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19 minutes ago, 偽薔薇の死ぬ頃に said:

Sorry, I do not know English

But I know a little Japanese and Chinese



Hong Kong
Singapore のイベントです








It's rare to see Singapore get lumped together with HK and TW events.
(after all, singapore did not get the Lunar New Year Infernape)

Also, the link provided shows that the wonder card will be in ENG (the title of the event is in English)

As this is a Serial Code event, I'll upload it when it comes along

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On 2017/1/16 at 8:07 AM, Holla! said:

I went to WHF 2017.
Big Nugget has been received.




207 - じせだいWHF'17 Winter でかいきんのたま.wc7

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I extracted the Mewnium Z straight from Pokebank Distribution Server:
0004 SM - Item Mewnium Z x1 (ENG).wc7

At this point, not sure if they're going to make any changes
(change wonder card ID, or title etc),
so keep checking back.

[Presently, the one hosted is only in English, but I wonder if it can or will change, based on Pokebank Language and Game language.
It'll be good to get submissions from non english bank and non english game, both in unison]

Changed my Pokebank language to CHS (but game save still English),
Title remained the save, but Pokebank changes your WC Id.

Try this one instead, if you don't have a bank subscription:
0000 - Pokémon Bank.wc7

When you collect the 10 Battle Points to your SM game,
it becomes.. a wondercard! (I guess these wonder cards are kind of pointless, but I'll submit the first one):
0000 SM - Pokemon Bank Battle Points x10 (ENG).wc7

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16 minutes ago, Sabresite said:

WCID 000? Does it alter it to make sure you can receive it? (Change WCID to something not used???)

It is changed from WC 4 to WC 0.
The Battle Points obtained from Pokebank is also WC 0,
and both doesn't get added to the "received list" <- (from PKHeX perspective, not sure how accurate)
besides that from server and from bank wonder card looks identical

Also it appears that card color changes from Purple card to Gold card

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2 hours ago, Saternoir said:

Hmm I guess I can contribute in the Mewnium thing? My game and Bank are in Spanish, extracted with PKHeX too.

Spanish Mewnium Z.wc7

Wonder card title is in English, tho.
It should have been "Banco de Pokémon" for Spanish, yet here we are.

So Pokemon Bank changes the Wonder card color, and Wonder card ID, but doesn't give different titles for language.

3 hours ago, Purin said:

Makes me wonder, are there raw wondercards in the demo of sun and moon?

Perhaps in the ROM data itself

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5 minutes ago, Saternoir said:

Yeah that's weird, might look at the wonder card (if there is one) in the 3ds itself in my home

The title is usually reflected as is in game:

The words Pokemon Bank, at the top of the golden wonder card, is the Wonder Card Title.

By the way, I can't seem to use PKHeX to inject any of the 0000 wonder cards right now.

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2 hours ago, theSLAYER said:

Updated archive and Event Gallery:

As title is in English, this is classified as an English-only event (but can be collected by any region or any language save)

PS: @Kaphotics, I can't seem to use PKHeX to inject this.

any users without bank subscriptions will have wait a bit, until the next PKHeX update.

How do i inject it into the pkhex?

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