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ARDS ME (*.DUC) to *.SAV (and back) Converter (Updated to Version 1.2.5!!!)


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This program allows you to convert between *.DUC and *.SAV files, using a custom Game Name, Save Name and Save Description.

Please make sure you have the .NET framework (3.5) installed!!

Changes List:

Version 1.2.5 Changes:

  • Just made a few changes to the drag and drop functionality.

Version 1.2 Changes:

  • Complete program rewrite.
  • Smaller converter file size.
  • Improved input checking (hopefully wont produce as many errors as previous releases)
  • Implemented command line wizard for conversion.
  • Works with both ARDS/ARDSi devices.

ARDStoSAV's Official Page

Download Links:

UniqueGeeks.net Official Download: Direct Download

Project Pokemon Download:



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One question... Is the output a Raw save file?

I wanted to convert the Pokémon Ranger save file I got and test it on NO$GBA, but it didn't work.

However, when I used Shuny's converter to convert from ARDS max .duc to NO$GBA .sav, it worked like a charm.

My NO$GBA uses Raw save files, BTW. So I saved in-game using the emulator to ensure I'd have a raw save file compatible with CycloDS evolution.

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I am making a new library (that will not be released to the public anytime soon) that uses Matt140's tool as the core for ARDSi and ARDS ME save conversion, and I might use Shuny's converter to get the format for AR Max.

It is now live at its new site, so if you don't like the command-line, that should work. 95.8% credit to Matt140, 4% credit to me, 0.2% credit to Microsoft for Visual Studio.

Why do I say should? Well, it can't seem to convert from an R4 save to a 0.5KB Raw save...


If you wish to have the source, just PM me, as you majorly contributed to it.

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