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X & Y trade thread

Mewtwo Ex

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Can anyone help me evolve a few pokemon?

2 porygons

1 feebas

I'll throw in an bold nature Arceus and Manaphy as i have no need for them anymore

I can help you with that, if you'll give me the Arceus and Manaphy in return.

Also, I have a 5/6 iv shiny Sylveon UFT. I'm looking for a Shiny Mew. PM me or reply here if anyone wants to make an offer.

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I'm looking for Manectricirite or wtvr the Megastone for Manetric is called.

I have enigma berries and Audino, Exploud and Heracross shiny to trade (from the safari). BUT if you have a Powersave and you can just gift it to me you will be the bestes.

FC: 2380-4063-9905


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You can still obtain a Mew .pkm file from PokeCheck. Just use pokegen to insert it in your game via code or save. Depending on which way you play the game. However since you seem to have missed learning about making pokemon events and such, you will probably end up getting a hack or at the best possible scenario a clone. IF you are still okay with that i suggest going either to a more active site such as Serebii's chatroom or prepare to wait a bit since the community here is mainly devoted to research and development in the core of the games.

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